When the Saints go Marching in

It feels like FOR EV ER since I've posted a blog about shirts. Since releasing the 4th of July batch, a lot has changed for the Rou Rags business. We are officially legit now, meaning I can collect and remit sales tax and have a real website to facilitate sales. Time-consuming, complicated, and confusing stuff! On to the good part...

I knew I had to create a design for Saints football season. I probably could have created hundreds of designs, and this is not the first one I put down on paper, but I don't know that I could handle more than one Saints design at the moment.

This is the original design drawn on paper:

Not sure why the green highlighter...

The drawing on loose leaf was smaller than I wanted it to be and instead of scanning and increasing the image size, I decided to just free-hand it. Backwards. I don't know why I do this to myself, but I'm proud that I actually did it!

Carving the main image wasn't hard at all, but those music notes... I used the smallest carving tool I have, which is somewhat hard to maneuver even on easy parts. I'm grateful for my excellent vision! It didn't look so great after I carved it so I wasn't sure if it would translate when printed. Spoiler alert: It worked. :)

I don't have a picture, but I also carved just the plain fleur de lis on the back of the rubber to make a gold background with the detail on top. The first ink and print looked nice! I am still amazed the music notes are clear.

The first prints for the model shirts! I was so excited. I wish the gold ink showed up with as much metallic luster as it does on paper.

Our lovely shirt models for this batch are Sara and her daughter Mya! Sara is insanely talented and makes the most amazing cakes and cookies over at My Oh Mya.

For this batch, sales will be a little different. Friday through Sunday (8/17-19), the Rou Rags Shop will be open. There will be several t-shirt and tank top styles available. Click on the style you like, choose gray or white and your size, and add it to your cart! If you live in or near Thibodaux, you can choose "Free Pick up Near Thibodaux" to avoid shipping charges.

Here are some of the styles we'll have available:

I hope everyone has a great week, and Geaux Saints!

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