Water Towers and Santa's Gators

It feels like forever since the Rougarou shirts went out! It's been a bit quiet on the social media front because life was BUSY. I got to meet and take pictures with my idol, Gillian Anderson, along with other X-Files cast members, and got to spend my birthday weekend away at Lake Verret. In between all the chaos, I was steadily carving and test-printing for two new designs. Two at once, y'all. Maybe I'm crazy. My plan is to open orders for these two designs on Black Friday so they will be ready to go well before Christmas. Then, I plan to take a nice break until it's time for Mardi Gras shirts. I've been having the Mardi Gras design drawn since last Mardi Gras. :) I might even have time for a second MG design. There's that crazy jumping out again.

The Santa and gators design is stolen straight from the Christmas light decorations on the Jackson Street bridge in Thibodaux. My best Google search skills could not produce a picture of the actual decorated bridge. I'll post one on social media once the bridge is decorated this year. They better use the same lights!!

I had a couple different ideas of how I was going to carve this design to make it look like Christmas lights and not just lines. I considered carving thousands of tiny circles and quickly decided that would be a ton of work. I like the end result. It's much easier to carve *out* a tiny circle and have the shirt color come through as the lights. There isn't an actual street sign by the bridge, but I wanted to represent Jackson Street. The year 1937 is actually carved into the bridge itself on the Highway 308 side.

I really love the way this turned out! It's always a toss-up of whether it'll print as well as I imagine. My super fabulous model for this design is LaTasha! She's my work buddy and is such a good sport because let me tell y'all what I put this girl through. We started off with lunch at Weeping Willow and then stopped for pics on Jackson Street bridge itself with ALL of the Thibodeauxville onlookers. We didn't see a whole lot of Christmas decor downtown, so my girl Amy Jo suggested a stealth photo shoot at Lowes. Do y'all remember that Hobby Lobby photoshoot that went viral? I don't do Photoshop, but I think we did a pretty decent job and we had many a good laugh!

Next up are the Water Tower shirts! I absolutely LOVE these. I passed a water tower one day and bam, inspiration. Immediately, I knew that I would have more than one option for the words on the tower. I like variety. I also like to make things difficult by creating designs that require three different prints. There is a tower, the tower background in light blue, and the words on the tower in dark blue.

I Googled water towers in the area to decide which towers I wanted to represent. The options are limitless, of course, so I had to choose wisely. The City of Thibodaux was obviously necessary, the Nicholls tower was a must, and the Raceland Sugars tower is iconic when passing on 182. I figured I could represent the rest of Lafourche Parish with a generic tower that I've seen around. I was debating between a Napoleonville tower or one that represents the whole parish. I work in Assumption Parish and decided to rep the whole thing. Lastly, by special request, we have the South Vacherie (or "Back Vacherie") tower. I'm also going to offer a tower without words if anyone from outside of the area has a thing for water towers.

I tested out the prints on some pretty, shimmery dark blue card stock. The rubber tends to slide on paper so the prints smudge a bit. The Assumption and South Vacherie towers are printed on shirts for my models!

The models are some more of my work peeps and very dear friends, Crystal and Sharon. I have the prettiest friends! I've been so lucky to work with some amazing people who mean so much to me and I'm forever grateful for their friendship and support.

All of these shirts will be available for pre-order starting on Black Friday and ending on Cyber Monday (Nov. 23-26). As always, shirts will be ready for pick up or shipping approximately two weeks after pre-order. On Black Friday, shop pages will magically appear on this website! Each design will have its own page where you can choose your shirt style, size, and color.

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