Thibodaux Tree and Festive Pelican

Another holiday season is among us and that can only mean one thing: Christmas Tees!

Last year, I released the Water Tower shirts and Jackson Street Bridge shirts for Black Friday. This year, I'm going to release two Christmas designs on Small Business Saturday.

When I released the pumpkin design, I mentioned that it was inspired by a Xmas design that I couldn't show yet. This Thibodaux Tree was the inspiration! This design was created when I was asked to contribute to a local event. I think it's super cute!

I'm also adding two new products to the line-up: Flour sack towels and greeting cards! I've printed on towels and cards before for a custom design and they came out so cute. That particular design was small enough to fit on a greeting card. My usual shirt designs are obviously too big for a card, and shrinking them down to carve small enough for a card would be tricky and sacrifice quality. After printing greeting cards for our latest fundraiser, and having the ability to draw digitally now, I'm able to use the inkjet printer to print my shirt designs on cards! I can even add some color in where it would be very difficult to do so with block printing. They even have a tiny little Rou Rags logo on the back of the card. Presh.

I'm very excited about the towels and cards. I really love the way they turned out and think they would make excellent gifts!

While I adore the Thibodaux Tree, it's only really applicable to people who live in Thibodaux. Soooooo, I'd like to introduce this festive pelican! He's my new boyfriend. Don't ask questions.

I may be getting in way over my head here, but I really wanted to have the pops of color on the t-shirts and towels, too. In the past, I've added color to designs by carving a second block of rubber and printing twice on the same shirt. I can never line up the blocks perfectly, so the color is always a bit off. While I actually love the effect that it creates, for this design, the tiny color for the lights and hat would look weird not lined up. This is where I make things more difficult for myself by painting the colors in with a paintbrush. It didn't actually take very long and I don't think it'll be too much work.

The result is TOO CUTE!

And, of course, they both look amazing on shirts! I've been very into the monochromatic look lately. I've tried it out with a couple of logo shirts and decided to make it happen with this sample Thibodaux Tree. I love the result.

All of this goodness will be available starting on Small Business Saturday (Nov. 30) and ending on Tuesday (Dec. 3). Cards and towels will print pretty quickly. Shirts will hopefully be printed and ready to ship out on Dec. 16 at the latest. It all depends on how fast they get to me from the supplier.

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