The Rougarou

Halloween season is upon us and there's no way I was going to pass up designing a shirt for one of my favorite holidays! People who know me are probably surprised that I didn't carve a sugar skull for this one. My birthday is on El Dia de los Muertos so sugar skulls are my jam, but I haven't yet been inspired to create the perfect sugar skull. Maybe next year!

The Rougarou is a legendary creature derived from the French "loup-garou" which is basically a werewolf. South Louisiana has a lot of French influence and over the years the name loup-garou turned into Rougarou or Roux-ga-roux or Rugaru or Rugaroo. I chose the "Rougarou" spelling because in this house, Rou is everything. :) We do also enjoy a good roux. Ha.

Like any good mythological creature, the Rougarou, who lives in the swamp, will come for you if you misbehave. Behavior management at its finest, y'all. Stemming from the French Catholic stories, the Rougarou may also come after Catholics for breaking Lent. If you break Lent seven years in a row, you *become* the Rougarou! How many of y'all are counting years?

I'm not a great artist, so my Rougarou is geometric and not at all "life-like." As werewolves do, though, he is on top of a rock howling at the moon.

I had seen glow in the dark screen printing ink before and decided now was a good time to try it out. I bought the classic white and bright yellow. Just after sticking them in the light, I could tell that the white would be my best bet.

The reviews on Amazon suggested printing the glow ink on top of white ink for the brightest effect. I decided to create a background carving like I did for the Fleur de Lis shirts. I figured the background should cover the moon and the letters and hoped that the design on top would still show when the shirt glowed. I was *giddy* over all the glow-in-the-dark fun! EVERYTHING was glowing!!

I had so much fun that even the logos on the back of the shirts will glow! Just as I had hoped, the black image on top of the background shows up when the background glows. I love when things go as planned.

It's quite difficult to get pictures of the shirt glowing in the dark, so when Becky and I were taking pictures, I utilized her super cute decorations in the light instead. Becky's decor usually consists of creepy clowns. Maybe next year I'll create a clown design! Aaaaaaand inspiration just hit. This is how my mind works. lol

Thanks, Becky, for being a great model!

The shirts will be available for pre-sale October 5-7 ONLY and will be finished around the 15-18. After this pre-sale, this design will NEVER be available again!

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