The Big Switcheroo


Our followers on FB and IG may have seen the posts about a setback in the new way to order Rou Rags tees. I had created a shop through Shopify and Facebook that ended up not working the way I imagined. This prompted me to search for a different ecommerce host for accepting pre-orders for shirts.

Why change the way shirts are ordered?

Until now, I ordered a set number of shirts that I intended to sell. X number of smalls, X number of mediums, etc. Then when the shirts were printed, it was basically first come, first served. Some people were not able to get shirts in the size they wanted and sometimes I was left with a couple of extra shirts that didn't sell. With an ecommerce site, I can open up shirt orders for a whole weekend and people can order whatever size shirt they want. When the weekend is over, I will close sales and only order the shirts that people pre-ordered, then print those shirts and distribute them. This way, everyone can get the size they want and I won't be left with unsold shirts and the shirts are still limited edition.

Another great bonus is that I can offer several different shirt STYLES! Now, you can get the latest design (or the logo design) on t-shirts, racerback tanks, regular tanks, t-shirt hoodies, youth shirts and raglan tees! So. Many. Options. And I'm sure I'll add more in the future.

What about the blog?

I did not intend to change anything about the blog. Wix, the new host site, offers ecommerce as well as blog pages and I'm sure many other features I haven't even discovered yet. This gives me the chance to have everything in one place and I'm pretty sure I can use the domain. Yes, I'm typing this blog before figuring out if it'll all be on that domain. Wix allows you to set up everything for free before paying for a plan so I'm testing out these waters before forking over the cash. I'm going to attempt to switch over the blogs from the old site in a very rudimentary, ass-backwards way that makes sense in my head, so the dates on the posts will be inaccurate, but that's alright. We're not fancy here.

I appreciate everyone's patience as I figure out how to make all of this work (in one day...)! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, cute pictures of animals, send them our way on the FB or IG. :)

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