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Updated: Sep 12, 2018

This next design is a new adventure for Rou Rags. From the very beginning, I've considered how I could design shirts to raise money for charitable organizations. My intention was to create shirts for local fundraisers, and I WILL support our local charities and animal rescues, but this design was born out of a group chat and a love for all things Gillian Anderson.

Hear me out.

My friends and family all know that I've been obsessed with a super-fan of Gillian Anderson since high school. In case you don't know (you should know...), Gillian played Agent Scully on The X-Files and Stella Gibson on The Fall (on Netflix and YOU NEED TO WATCH IT!) and has starred in many stage productions and films. I could go on forever and this blog could easily turn into a gallery of a million of my favorite pictures.

On The Fall, Stella delivers a powerful line that is feminist af and when my friends and I were considering making shirts for ourselves, this quote quickly became the favorite. [Shout out to Ellie, Louise, and Niki!]

Image found via google search from


Stella is one bad-ass woman who takes no shit and we could all learn a lesson in confidence from her!

So, instead of just making a few shirts for me and my friends, I decided to open up orders to everyone and donate all the profits to the Global Fund for Women, an organization that supports movements for women's human rights across the world. $11 from each shirt purchased will be donated. I'll post the receipts @RouRags on Instagram and keep the end of this blog updated with the total donated after each batch!

The print-making process started out like all of the others. I traced the words because I'm not a master typographist yet. I would love to take lessons, though! The female figure is of course inspired by Stella. Once the design was sketched/traced on paper, I used the dark pencil to trace the design on the paper and then pressed it onto the soft-kut rubber block. The design has to be a mirror image on the rubber.

Then I carved all around the design on the rubber to create what is basically a huge rubber stamp. The rubber is very soft and incredibly easy to carve into. I was carving another design at the same time and created a fantastic pile of rubber shreds.

Once the design was carved, I inked it up for the first time with a foam brayer and printed it onto paper to see if there were any spots that needed to be polished.

I did fix some of the "static" around the design, but there is always "static" in my prints and I actually love it. It speaks to the hand-printed flair of the shirts and looks more worn and relaxed, which is my aesthetic.

The shirts for this design are by Bella + Canvas and are, as usual, super soft and thin and comfy. One style is a fitted women's tee with a scoop neck and the other style is a unisex semi-fitted tee. Both are dark gray/black heather.

The first print made my heart flutter! It's everything I imagined! Each shirt has to be heat-set and allowed to dry for a week before washing.

My super hot feminist model for this shirt is the talented artist, Amy Jo Wisehart! Amy Jo is my very good friend and has created custom paintings for me and was my wedding photographer. Y'all, she sketched that first picture while looking at the second picture in her camera display during our wedding party! Then she put it in our wedding pinata that we busted open on our one year anniversary. She's good at keeping a secret!

We had a fun little fashion shoot in my back yard to show off the two shirt styles.

The pre-order window will be open Monday through Friday (9/3 - 9/7) and then the shirts will be ready to ship or pick-up two weeks later. Unlike other batches, I'll probably open up these shirts for pre-order again at a later date. Just depends on demand and how much money we can raise!

For more bad ass Stella content, check out this video of her best boss moments:


$33 donated to Global Fund for Women as of 9/12/18

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