Vocabulary.com- The noun swerve means a sudden turn off your path. As a verb, it means to move off your original route, possibly to avoid a collision. You can swerve either toward something or away from it.

Urbandictionary.com- A word meaning "Move, b*tch." It is an evolved form of the phrase once uttered by Ludacris: "Move, b*tch, get out the way." It is known as the most scholarly word of the new generation.

"Oh sh*t. I need to use the bathroom. Swerve, b*tch!"

Rourags.com- "I saw that hurricane was coming and I said, 'You betta SWERVE!'"

It's been a long, hot, busy summer (which you can read about in my bus blogs). I had every intention of doing lots of drawing and brainstorming and designing, but my creativity has been completely non-existent. I started on a few different designs and wasn't feeling any of them. I got to the carving point for one and then the rubber started cracking and crumbling. I have learned that rubber sheets have a shelf-life! Crumbly rubber is no bueno. I tried to super glue it back together but it didn't stick. I put that one on the back-burner for now.

We lucked out with the first major storm of the season - in July! I think we were more prepared for this storm than any other in recent years. We boarded up some windows, had the generator ready to fire up, bought some snacks, and hunkered down. And we waited. And waited. The radar always looked like we were minutes away from getting pounded, but we only got some wind gusts and a few rain showers.

So as I was sitting around waiting on tropical storm - hurricane - tropical storm Barry, this swerve design popped into my head. That's exactly how it happened. I paid attention this time. I was thinking of the word hurricane, which led to the hurricane symbol, which led to the word "swerve". It's so easy you'd think it would happen more often!

I made some small adjustments as I was transferring it from paper to rubber. The bottom of the symbol didn't come to a point like the top, so I re-drew it after transferring. I also softened up the edges of the letters. I had considered letting the lines of the symbol show through the letters, but then the word wouldn't really pop. I like the finished product!

My gorgeous model for this shirt is Lauren! We work together in the school system. She teaches little kids which is super hard and something I know I couldn't do. She's like Wonder Woman, basically.

I was hoping for rain to make it feel like we were taking pictures in a hurricane, but, of course, it was a bright and sunny day. We just so happened to have a broken shutter and I used one of our clear wedding umbrellas for emphasis. Neil inserted himself into this whole photo shoot.

We even got a good Oprah photo-bomb!

We took a few pics with the Rou Bus, because why not?

And I don't know about Lauren, but Neil was exhausted after all that hard work.

As always, these Swerve shirts will be available for a very limited time! After Tuesday, the design will be retired and it'll be on to the next batch.

Thanks for all of the continued support!

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