Sweet Like Sugar Cane

If you've ever been to Thibodaux, you know we have an abundance of sugar cane fields. The history of plantations and sugar cane farming in Louisiana and Thibodaux is steeped in violence and racism, and I will not gloss over that fact. John DeSantis wrote a book (The Thibodaux Massacre) about the massacre of unarmed black laborers and their families in Thibodaux in 1887. We cannot change the past, but we CAN change the future by being better and doing better in the present. Call out racism and discrimination when you see it. Use your privilege to stand up for others. We are all human and all deserving of love.

When I drew up this design, the history of sugar cane farming in Thibodaux didn't even occur to me (see that privilege?). I think the sugar cane plants themselves are quite beautiful and provide a lovely backdrop to our bayou town. Sugar cane is always one of the first images I associate with Thibodaux and seemed to be the perfect design for a shirt. Also, I really enjoy all things sweet. We need to remember that we are all connected and we need to be sweet like sugar cane to everyone we meet!

This design was simple enough to carve as there are no complicated elements to it, but, my goodness, carving all those cane leaves was time-consuming! I also had to be very careful and pay attention to the placement of the lines to know which lines were for carving around and which ones were just excess from the lines already carved. I couldn't just mindlessly carve while watching television.

I tried to think of ways to incorporate the names of other towns into this design as we have cane fields all around us, and I do know one super special farmer in Napoleonville, but I was too busy with life to devote the mental power to figuring that out. I'll find a way to make interchangeable names one day!

The test prints for this one were lovely and only needed a little extra attention to the static at the top. I've been purchasing different styles of shirts (and hoodies! for the next design) and one of the fitted tees had a neckline that was suffocating. I cut out the neckline of that shirt and used it as my shirt for this design.

My lovely model for this design is Taylor Chiasson! Thibodaux High School graduate and current Nicholls student who also sells Rodan + Fields if you're in the market for some skin care. Taking pictures next to a cane field after many rainy days wasn't happening, so we kept our distance. Hehe

This design will be available for pre-sale this weekend, Friday through Sunday (9/14 - 9/16). As is always the case, after this weekend's sale, this design will never be available again. Like never, ever. I don't like making the same things twice and you get to be one of the few people to have a limited-edition tee. When you get your shirt, the tag will have the number of shirts in the batch written on it. The last batch, the fleur de lis shirts, only has 29 shirts in existence! That includes the shirts for me, Wendy, my mom, and the models. So exclusive, y'all.

Have a fabulous week, everyone!

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