Sweet and Southern

It doesn't feel like it has been nearly 8 weeks since the last t-shirt blog! But also, it feels like two years since the start of 2020.

In the midst of the Coronapocalypse, you all have made it clear that you would like for me to release the new Spring design rather than wait until the world isn't falling apart. Who am I kidding? The world is always falling apart.

This design is a tribute to my favorite tree/plant, the Sweet Olive. I remember when I lived in downtown Thibodaux and would smell this lovely sweet scent while walking. I believe it was John who told me it was a sweet olive tree. When I moved in with Wendy and it was time to spruce up the yard, I insisted on planting sweet olive trees... everywhere. We have six in the back yard and one in the front. She keeps them trimmed so they are more like sweet olive bushes. The scent is sugary sweet without being too floral and carries on the breeze. I smile every time I catch a whiff.

I figured no one would want a shirt with just a plant on it (except maybe Amy Jo since she loves plants) so I decided to add some words. "Sweet and Southern" came to mind and I think it's a perfect fit for the sweet olive tree.

Once again, I drew a complicated design to carve with lots of tiny little flowers. *facepalm* I ended up carving the flowers a little different from the drawing. They are solid flowers that don't have as much negative space. This one took quite a few hours to carve.

I had this pretty heather prism ice blue shirt on hand and decided to do another monochromatic print with the teal ink. I love the way it came out!

My model for this design is my good friend Megan Sanchez! What a beauty! She is a massage therapist at Maison Bleu Salon and Spa on 308 in Thibodaux. Here is a link to her Facebook page where you can contact her for appointments: Megan Clement Sancez, LMT

I'd also like to introduce a new style for the warmer months- a cropped boxy tee! It comes in just three sizes: small, medium, and large/xl. I wear mine around the house to lounge in and it would be perfect to throw on over a swimsuit!

I'm wearing a small in these pics. And cracking up at Oprah who shoved herself in that pot.

This design will also be available in many different ink colors: red, orange, green, blue, purple, teal, pink, and of course black and white. The model shirts are printed in teal. The green looks light here, but it's a true kelly green.

This design will be on pre-sale through Sunday, March 22nd. :)


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