Swampa Claws

I can't believe it's already time for xmas shirts again! How did this happen? It doesn't at all feel like winter is approaching. I'm actually typing this blog outside on the patio. It's a gorgeous fall day!

This xmas design is a bit more fun and playful than last year's Thibodaux Trees and Presille the Pelican. This design wasn't inspired by anything in particular. Once again, it just kind of popped into my head. I present to you, Swampa Claws.

Every time I say "Swampa Claws", I say it to the tune of Choppa Style and then the song gets stuck in my head. You're welcome.

I had already planned to draw a nutria for the xmas design when Amy Jo and I decided to add "nutria" as a prompt for our Inkdrawber2020 challenge on Instagram. When I drew it, I used a procreate brush that had a rough edge to it. No big deal; sounds cute, right? So very, very wrong. When I plopped the design into Cricut design space to cut it out onto the heat transfer vinyl, it took the cricut *over an hour* to cut the design that should have taken just a few minutes. It cut every tiny little jagged edge. It was an excruciating wait. It finally finished and I rejoiced. I threw it onto the heat press and immediately the plastic transfer paper wrinkled up and ruined the whole thing. Oh, the devastation. I ended up redrawing the design with a monoline brush, changed up some of the markings, and added some dots for flair.

Wrinkly vinyl - first design - second design - smooth vinyl

I am definitely loving the screen printing over the carved rubber block printing. It's more cost effective, less time consuming, produces a cleaner, brighter print, and allows for more tiny details. Maybe in the future I'll try to combine the two for one of the designs.

The end result is precious!

Still working on my photography skills. :) I did get a bright LED light that I find is helping in the pic on the left.

I figured now would be a good time to try out a new ink technique and print the new logo. And now that I'm thinking about it, I should offer the cute little ornament logo that I drew. *scrambles to think of how to add that design at the last second* I've been having fun making my logo into various celebratory designs for my social media profile pics. I might have to offer those, too, throughout the year. I have a lot more flexibility using the screens to print. Because it doesn't cost as much and doesn't take as much time, I can whip up a screen really quickly and only use it to print a few shirts. If I only need a few shirts with one ink color, I can cut out a regular vinyl sticker to use on the screen (instead of the heat transfer vinyl, which is permanent) and then pull it off the mesh and reuse the mesh! I also bought two screen frames that allow for removing the mesh screen. The first one I bought had the mesh stapled to the back. I bought a few yards of mesh on Amazon and can now cut it to size and have many mesh screens to switch in the frames. This is great for commissioned designs that I sometimes reprint. This is also great for trying out multi-color designs in the future. The mesh also takes up less space, so it's easier to store!

So, back to the new ink technique. I tried out a tie-dye print and it actually worked the very first time!! AH! Makes up for that cricut mishap.

For the test prints, I used pink, purple, gray, and bright orange inks. For the shirts available for purchase, I'm going to use a pink/purple/green/yellow blend and a camo blend. I tried to create those blends in procreate for the mock ups. Just know that the actual print will look like the above pics, just with different colors. Just try to imagine for me. :)

So, I took a few minutes to reconfigure the logo ornament and add it to some tees for mock ups. Look how ADORBS.

All of this goodness will be available Black Friday through Tuesday (11/27 - 12/1). There are many colors/sizes out of stock, especially for the sweaters. If there is something you are interested in that is not available, send me a message and I can see what other colors and sizes might be in stock.

Happy Holidays!

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