Rou Rags: Logos and special-tees

It's been a good minute since I've posted about shirts! We've been quite taken with working on the bus, but I've still been busy creating.

First up, I made some logo tees! I'm so in love with the soft-kut rubber blocks. My elbows aren't sore anymore and they clean up so nicely. I can wash with soap and water and not worry about warping the wood block.

I gave logo tees to everyone who bought shirts from both of the first two batches. The real VIPs! :) I'm so grateful to everyone, really. Logo tees will also be for sale whenever I order shirts for batches. I'll give everyone a head's up. You get to choose your shirt color and black, white, or combination ink. Also, Zuri was a big help.

What's the super special secret project I was working on??

I do believe it was the very first day that I posted my Thibodaux Parade Krewes tee that Klint sent me a message. He loved the look of the accidental shadow text (black text with white shadow) and wanted shirts with his logo on them. Klint is a fantastic photographer who is responsible for our unbelievable family pic as well as the pictures from our wedding reception. Check out his work here and below.

I knew I wasn't ready at the time to do any kind of commissioned work, so I waited until after Mardi Gras season to get started. His logo includes some extremely tiny letters which prompted me to find a super small carving tool. Of course, the one I chose had to be shipped overseas and took about three weeks to arrive.

I hit another roadblock with the soft-kut blocks- they don't take transfer paper well at all. I ended up having to free hand this very precise logo. At first I was somewhat put-off by the look of it. I had to remind myself that if he'd wanted a pristine logo, he would have just ordered shirts online. These are handmade shirts that don't all look exactly the same. It's been interesting having to challenge my tendencies to want things to be perfect, especially things that people are paying for!

Klint's project was also fun because he requested a couple of kid-sized shirts. The whole logo was too big for such small shirts, so I just inked up the K part of the logo. These ended up being my favorite! Tiny things are so precious.

As a bonus, I printed Klint's logo on a grocery tote! I couldn't help but grab some of these grocery totes to print my Rou Rags logo on. Instead of wrapping his shirts in paper as I usually do, I put them in a personalized bag. Love it. Note: DO NOT iron these bags! haha whoopsie

I am currently working on the next batch of shirts which should be out within the next couple of weeks- just in time for festival season!


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