Rou Rags: Baby, you're a firework (Batch 4)

Helloooooo, good people! It's been a minute since I wrote a blog. It feels like forever since releasing the Fair shirts, but it's only been two months. Even progress on the bus has been slow since then, but I'll have an update on that soon! Huge thanks to everyone who bought a fair shirt!

Before getting to the 4th of July shirts, I want to share a quick little print I did for myself and two other school psychologist friends. The school I work in had a superhero theme this year and we were allowed to wear superhero shirts one Friday. So, in true Sarah fashion, I decide the night before to make a shirt. I drew up a simple superman design, carved my booty off, and printed three shirts. I love how they turned out!

Also, I used the back of the fair shirt rubber block to make this design. I'm serious when I say these shirts are limited!

Now, onto the Batch 4 shirts!!

I knew I had to design a 4th of July shirt because it's such an iconic holiday with all the red, white, and blue. I had the idea for the specific design a long time ago. I think I drew it around the same time as the crawfish shirts. Using red, white, and blue was always in the plans, I just wasn't sure how. At some point, I figured I would use a color for the background. I don't know how I come up with this stuff, y'all. It just hits me. I'm not the greatest at coming up with ideas on demand- it has to just come to me.

In Thibodaux, the fireworks on July 4th are set off near Nicholls State University's stadium. That's the building in the design. A very rough likeness. lol Fun fact: Nicholls is where I earned both of my degrees, neither having anything to do with art.

The drawing started with the details, of course. Then I decided to make large, simple figures for the background. I drew them on top of the detailed drawing to make sure they would line up, then I transferred the drawings to the front and back of a rubber block.

Many print makers that I follow on social media mix their own ink colors and use multiple colors on one brayer (roller). I had initially planned to use one brayer for each background color until seeing the way they blended colors.

My first test print with the background colors worked exactly as I had imagined! Now, you would think I would have test-printed the details on paper next, but nooooooo. I don't consider myself a risk-taker, but here I am, taking risks. I printed the background on all of the shirts first! Sarah Danger Roussel, at your service. (Boy, I really wasn't thinking hard enough when I changed my name to Sarah Knight Roussel, was I?)

So after printing the background on all the shirts, I finally test-printed the details on paper. Y'ALL. I cried. I knew what I had envisioned, but rarely does the end result actually look exactly like what's in my head. The first print on a shirt was even better. I still can't believe they turned out this well.

I'm venturing out with different shirt styles this time. Initially, I was only going to print on tank tops because this is South Louisiana and we were already seeing 90+ degree days in May. A few people expressed interest in t-shirts over tank tops (even in the sweltering heat), so I ordered t-shirts as well. And because I always have to be extra, I got a few youth sizes, too.

Look at this fine trio! My wife, my godchild, and his mom!

The shirts will be on sale Sunday 6/10 at 8:00 a.m. in the Rou Rags VIP Rou Crew. I'll post in there with the sizes available and you just have to leave a comment with the size you want. There are only 32 shirts for sale (a combination of tees, tanks, and youth tees), so this design is very limited! Set your alarm!

I do have some good news coming this summer that will hopefully improve the shirt-claiming experience and will guarantee that you get the size you want. Stay tuned!


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