Rou Bus: The Maiden Voyage at Lake End Park in Morgan City, LA

Our first bus trip was definitely one we will never forget!

The long weekend started off with throwing last-minute items into the bus and loading up the animals. We decided to leave the cats home this weekend since they aren't leash trained yet. As we were loading up, Neil was meowing at the bus door to let him in. *heart broken* He chilled out on the floor for a bit before making his way back out.

Once the dogs were inside, we were on our way! Only about 7 things went flying. Oops. Nothing broke. It's all good. I did have to spend most of the trip with my foot on the big drawer. We need to add more closing clasp things to that one. Our vintage style starburst seat belts are pretty awesome. Zuri Ann wouldn't get out of my face.

It only took about 45 minutes to get to the campground. The ride wasn't bad at all after all of the flying objects were picked up. Our friends were waiting for us and helped Wendy back into the spot. It was HOT while getting set up. Thankfully, Shanna and her girls walked the dogs to get them out of our hair. Not 20 minutes after arrival, Sophie Jean walked under the bus and got grease all over her back (she doesn't normally have black spots). I love that our sink is gigantic enough to bathe a dog in. After that, we had the doggie fence set up and future grease stains were avoided.

The view from our spot was so lovely. We were across the street from a tiny bayou off of Lake Palourde. We spotted some teenage alligators every morning and evening.

I promise there are alligators in both of these pics below

The weekend was very relaxing. We took the dogs for walks every morning and evening and wore their little city butts out. Our zero gravity chairs were the biggest asset. They are so relaxing that even Shanna went out and bought one. Zuri likes them, too. My godchild, Owen, spent the night a couple campers down and spent some quality time with Sophie.

We spent time watching the squirrels play in the trees. I attempted to feed one and there was some miscommunication and he almost bit my finger, but we're cool now. The brown squirrel was super chill. We enjoyed cooking with our cast iron pots and skillets. The propane stove was a major hit with the griddle on top. The induction burner will take some getting used to since I generally cook with a gas stove at home and have NO IDEA what temperature I cook my food at. Every evening, we turned in pretty early to avoid the mosquitoes and because we were all exhausted from the heat.

Packing up to leave wasn't terrible. Even emptying the urine container wasn't bad. Since Wendy drove there, I drove back. This is where the real fun begins. We pulled out, I honked at the nice guy who loved the bus, we almost made it to the highway when the front door opened. I pulled over and Wendy closed it. She strapped the fridge because we forgot to do that, too. All was fine and dandy as we got onto HWY 90.

When we got to the elevated part of 90, half a mile from the Chacahoula exit, we hit the bump and the engine died. I pulled onto the side and called Jason. He had seen us pull over and he stopped somewhere past the curve. He walked a mile and a half back to us to check it out. In the heat. Nothing was happening when we turned the key. He couldn't immediately tell what was wrong and recommended a towing company. We called Marie's Wrecker Service and they were so nice and helpful. My Nannie came to pick up the dogs to bring them home. We only had the water in our two reusable bottles and it was HOT. It was almost two hours from the time we pulled over until the time we left in the tow truck. After Nannie picked up the dogs, one of the nice guys from the campground stopped to check on us. We assured him we were fine and continued to wait.

When the bus stopped, the gauges all froze. So weird.

The bus was towed to my Grandma's house where there was more space for the gigantic tow truck to back up the bus. Diesel Mechanic Daniel (we should trademark this) stopped by after work to check it out. He's an angel, y'all. He pulled the battery tray out and immediately saw the problem. The metal bar that holds the top of the batteries in place shifted and touched the poles and shorted out. After lots of trial and error, we still don't know exactly which wire is shorted out, but it isn't any of the major ones. SO, to be continued. For now, the bus is not running, but I'm sure DMD will figure it out. He's awesome like that.

And I'll have you know that big drawer didn't even open while being towed. Rude.

Even with this mishap, we are still planning our next trip at the end of June! Cross your fingers!


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