Rou Bus- Day 98: Insulation and subfloor

I was reading through the last post to see where we left off and I had pictures of Catsy laying under the bus. Not too long after that post, our beautiful Catsy girl was killed by a car. Our sweet girl loved to explore. It was traumatic and heartbreaking and we miss her dearly. She would have loved traveling in the bus. RIP Catsy Cline

We last left off with a few leaks and some locks on the doors. Just when we had thought all the leaks were gone, more would pop up. There's still one lingering leak at the bottom of the side door, but it's being managed. I don't know exactly what Wendy did, but I know she caulked and sprayed and sealed so much that we may not have to even paint the bus. hehe

Once the leaks were truly under control, Wendy started measuring out insulation and 3/4" plywood for the subfloor. The insulation is the hard blue foam kind that is sturdier to hold up under flooring. We were able to walk on it without crushing it. I think we only needed about 4 sheets of it. We used liquid nails to attach it to the floor and then to attach the plywood on top. Some sections of plywood were warped so Wendy ended up screwing those sections down.

Once the floor was down, we picked up some more insulation for the walls and ceiling. We chose the white 3/4" foam sheets that have foil on one side and are not as sturdy as the blue sheets. Wendy measured out all the little pieces and I cut them and squeezed them into the wall and ceiling sections. The metal ribs of the bus have lips on them so the foam pieces were easily bent to pop into each section. We didn't even bother using liquid nails since they stay in place on their own and will have wall and ceiling panels on top of them.

Wendy just finished cutting plywood to fit over the steps and is now at Lowes picking up materials to box in the wheel wells. We've decided to put in the vinyl plank flooring before framing out the bathroom and closet walls. It won't be much longer until we start figuring out electrical. We have a very lovely friend who offered to help us out with that.

We're still moving along slowly. It's hard for me to be in the bus in this Louisiana summer heat. It's a good thing Wendy is built tough!


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