Rou Bus- Day 8: Demo all the things!

We've only had the bus for a week but it feels like so much longer. I'm pretty sure all of our conversations have been bus related. I still haven't taken down the Mardi Gras decorations in the house. I'm still giddy every time I turn the corner and see the bus shining in all its yellow glory. Bus is life.

Last Sunday after we finished up removing the seats, we were working on the wheelchair lift. Those bolts have a dome-shaped top that you can't grip. We found ourselves in the tool section at Walmart, likely looking dumbfounded trying to decide which tool we needed. A young guy walked down the aisle and asked if we needed help. We told him our dilemma and he pointed out a vice grip and mentioned that he's a diesel mechanic. A WHAT?! We NEED a diesel mechanic! Oh yea, he works for International. You know what kind of bus we have? An International! Thank you, universe. And Oprah. (You know it was Oprah.) I immediately added him on Facebook.

Thanks to the world of Facebook marketplace, all of the seats and partitions were picked up on Tuesday by a very nice man from Bayou Blue. On Thursday, another very nice man impressively removed the wheelchair lift by himself and gave me some useful bus tips since he owns party buses.

Since Wendy is in the height of coaching softball, she can really only get work done on Sundays. So, today, our diesel mechanic, Daniel, came by to help remove the air conditioner. Remember that cloud of smoke driving home? Let's not have that again. Buh-bye AC. Also remember that I'm not the muscles behind this operation so I cooked breakfast and lunch and went to the grocery store and used the razor blade to remove some of the stickers on the outside. So many stickers. A tedious and thankless task, but someone has to do it, right? ;)

After Daniel departed, we continued to work in the bus removing screws and flooring and again attempting to remove those pesky bolts with the dome-shaped tops. We eventually gave up and called my dad to borrow the grinder. Next week, we grind! Watch me play Beyonce while we work.

Next up will be more demo. All of the rubber flooring and nasty plywood, the walls and insulation, the ceiling. Basically anything that's screwed down is coming off.


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