Rou Bus- Day 56: a quick update

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

It's been quiet on the home front around here. I searched through my phone for pictures to post and I only had two. *gasp* I will run outside and take a few pics before I finish typing so this quick update doesn't turn into a boring quick update.

All of the doors have locks on them now. These may or may not be the final locks when we hit the road, but they'll work for now to keep our progress inside safer. We also plan on getting some outdoor cameras.

The major battle Wendy has been fighting (because, honestly, I took no part in this except to wield a water hose) has been against window and door leaks. Buses are not water-tight. Who knew? We knew, we just weren't quite prepared for how difficult it would be to seal things up. Where are all the holes? We can't even see them!

Wendy resealed all the windows and spots near the doors and sprayed the bus down with the hose. It still leaked. She sealed again- fewer leaks. I think she's finally down to one leak.

Once we can keep the water out, the subfloor can go down and the walls can be framed. Then we'll need to figure out electrical which is seriously overwhelming. If anyone has electrical experience or knows someone who does, hit me up! We need all of the consultation and help we can get. We're still trying to figure out which power sources we should use for which appliances. We'd like to be able to use shore power AND go off grid for short periods of time. We've got to be complicated.

Catsy loves to lay under the bus. I can't wait to take them on a trip and see them all freak out. :)

And just because Wendy can never have enough projects, she created a new patio area in the back yard and built a sofa out of cinder blocks and 4x4s and a table out of pallet wood. Handy, that wife.


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