Rou Bus: Day 405- Soooo very close!

It's been almost two months since the last update! I took a much needed mental break from blogging and printing shirts. Time to get back in the game!

First up, we took a magical trip to London to see Gillian Anderson in a stage adaptation of the film All About Eve. IT. WAS. PHENOMENAL. I'm not going to go all wild super-fan right now but she was robbed of that Olivier award. Robbed.

We met up with two of my long-time friends who are also Gillian super-fans (I'm not alone in this, I swear!). Shout out to Niki and Louise! We got to meet Gillian and she signed our programs. We walked MILES around London in the rain and cold and even ventured over to Paris for a day.

Now for the bus- we got some new batteries thanks to Diesel Mechanic Daniel. After they were installed, they were dead within a week. It took a couple weeks of plugging and unplugging and changing wires and finally things are working correctly and our battery isn't draining. We also have a battery charger now, so I guess that's useful.

Wendy finished up the trim under the driver's seat and made a door for the toilet room. The bucket will be replaced with a Nature's Head pretty soon!

As of the last blog, we had just received some of the flextile grout we had ordered. It was enough for the backsplash, but not enough for the entire shower. We decided to skip tiling the shower and go with cedar planks for the walls like we have on the ceiling. It's so much cheaper than tile and grout, not to mention lighter weight. Wendy put up a waterproof liner and had to mark on it wear the studs were to know where to nail in the cedar planks. After putting up the planks, she coated them with polyurethane and then sealed with silicone. There's still a bit more to seal before it's completely finished. She also made sure our stained glass window from our friend Keri would fit. She has a plan for keeping it in place, but we will take it down while driving. It's so pretty!

The bus is currently at my uncle's house while he attaches the back rack and under storage boxes for us. He's doing such a fantastic job! He's gone above and beyond to make the storage boxes look sleek.

I finally finished up all the curtains yesterday. Finally. 32 lined curtain panels are no joke.

The mattresses for the sofa and the bed arrived. The sofa mattress is chilling in the spare room right now. I have to cut it into the seat and back cushions and then cover them with fabric. That will be my spring break project. The bed mattress is currently taking up the entire front of the bus. Wendy still has to put the slats down on the bed frame and we needed to take the mattress out of the box. We opened it in the bus so we wouldn't have to struggle to get it in there once it took shape. Sorry for the dark pics- it was dark out. The mattress looks black because it's upside down. I tried it out and it's pretty comfy! Even came with a pillow!

We also took a little trip to the Sherwin Williams industrial paint store in Houma to get the exterior bus paint! It's an oil-based enamel paint used by the @some_kind_of_wonderful_bus. We got six gallons of paint/primer for about $250. Not a bad deal at all! These will be the colors:

Next up:

The mini-split air conditioner was ordered yesterday. Wendy still has some molding to put up and silicone to seal in the bathtub. We're going to paint the outside when we have some rain-free days. After pay day we can order the compost toilet. Those things will get us ready for a test-run! We're trying to be ready for a quick weekend trip in May with my Nannie and uncle at Lake End Park. It's not far away and we'll be with people who can help us out if we run into any troubles.

Ideally, we'd like to get a puppy enclosure for outside and the induction burner before we go.

After the test run, we'll still need to get some TVs and an awning and all the little things required for camping. We probably won't take the cats on the test run. We still need to figure out how we're going to keep them in the bus or what kind of cat-kennel we can get so that they can go outside.

We're definitely rounding third base right now. The end is near and we can taste it!


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