Rou Bus: Day 341- Plumbing, Walls, Flooring, and Curtains (or Draperies)

The last blog left off with the grout finally arriving. Just FYI, the China grout still never showed up. I guess we’ll have to just take that hit. Wendy wasted no time finishing up the backsplash and it looks really nice.

Once the backsplash was in, she was able to secure the counter top and finish up the plumbing. Most of the pipes were in place and just needed to be connected. After a couple of leaks and sprays, everything flowed pretty smoothly! The leaks and sprays were minor oopsies such as forgetting to put seal tape and forgetting to put the washer back on after putting the seal tape. Heh. All is well, now, though! We can clean dishes now! Still can’t use the shower until the walls are in place and tiled.

We strapped down the fresh water tank so it doesn’t slide around while in transit. We don’t plan to really travel with the tank full. It’s mostly for when we’re boondocking.

I started painting the bedroom while Wendy finished up all of the walls (except the shower). She ended up finishing the paint job and now everything is painted! There’s a panel in the toilet room where we can access the shower plumbing. It’s a nice framed door that I think will have a mural in it eventually. We don’t have a ton of space for wall art, so I think a mural will be nice! Also, you can see how the shower is ready for some walls.

I found a great tutorial for DIY lined tab-top curtains. The tutorial is GREAT and hilarious and the curtains/draperies look super professional! Wendy was a huge help with cutting the fabric and ironing. We used this fabric from Walmart and this UV protection mesh for the lining. The mesh is a bit stiff and doesn’t bunch up as nicely as I’d like it to at the bottom, but it serves a greater purpose than just looking nice. The mesh is white so it still allows some light through, but also blocks 90% of UV rays which should help us during the hotter months. Since we have a ton of windows, we need 32 curtain panels. So far, 10 are complete. Oh, and Neil helped.

With pretty much all of the building complete, Wendy is now putting in the flooring and it looks so flipping good I almost can’t stand it. About an hour after she started working on it, I went outside to check on her and she had only gotten these two planks down between the bed frame and the side door.

Thankfully, the rest of the flooring didn’t take 30 minutes per plank and she was able to finish the majority of the main floor in a day. You can also see how we can prop up the sofa with a 2x4 to access the storage space underneath. There will be flooring under the sofa as well to protect the plywood from whatever crap we end up throwing in there.

The blog is coming from inside the bus! Muhahaha

Next up, we’ll just need some more money. Seriously. The bus batteries crapped out, so the next paycheck will be used for those. We’ll hopefully have a little leftover to get some more little things like seat belts for the sofa and shoe molding.

The list of what’s left to do/buy:


-Finish sewing the curtains (and alter the shower curtain)

-Shoe molding and other trim

-Finish the shower walls

-Door for the toilet room

-Install the fridge (we have it in the house)

-Nature’s Head composting toilet

-Mini split AC

-Rack for the back of the bus

-Install the storage boxes underneath the bus

-Paint the outside of the bus!

-Mattress for the bed and the sofa

-TVs for the front and the back

-Awning for outside

I’m sure there’s something else I’m not remembering at the moment. Not too bad of a list there, but most of those bullet points are expensive. Thankfully, softball season has started so we’ll have a little extra income. I’ll also be able to contribute my adjunct teaching income after our London trip. We should definitely be able to take our maiden voyage this summer!


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