Rou Bus - Day 28: Done with subtraction

Last week we finished up the demo. Daniel the diesel mechanic came by and helped Wendy remove the heater and the last of the ceiling and wall panels. The heater will be re-installed later, but for now it was just in the way.

Since we plan on turning the bus doors into one typically-functioning door, Wendy removed the plastic covering the door-opening mechanism (killing it with the technical terms still...). We found empty soda cans. How? Why?

Not gonna lie- I didn't actually do anything on the bus this time. I cooked instead. Once everything was out, the floor needed to be treated for rust spots. Wendy bought some Corroseal and Rustoleum online. The first step was to roll on the Corroseal (two coats). The Corroseal turned the rust black. Then she filled in the holes from the seats with silicone and pieces of mesh. The Rustoleum came next and made the floor look pretty nice!

During the week, we were able to finally get insurance! Once I was able to show them it was titled as a motor home and that the seats were removed, we were quickly given a policy. It ended up being even cheaper than the initial quote. Score! With insurance in hand, we were able to get a license plate!!

With the floors ready to go, the next step is to frame up the floors, walls, and ceiling and fill in with insulation. In order to know where we need to have studs in the floors for the walls, we put down tape to check our layout. This gave us a more realistic feel for how much room we will (or won't!) have. It prompted a good discussion about the bathroom and what we truly need. We ended up nixing the tiny bathroom sink altogether to have more kitchen space. We would really only use that sink to brush our teeth or wash our hands, which we can do in the shower or the kitchen sink. I'll be sure to have some fancy hand sanitizer in there.

The second picture below is the preliminary floor plan. The toilet section will move closer to the shower to give us another two feet or so of kitchen space. We're also planning for storage space under the bed and under the sofa. The sofa will also convert into a small bed.

I guess this is where King Neil thinks he's going to be riding...

It'll probably be quiet for a while. We'll definitely be able to get some studs and insulation in, but we have to do a lot more planning for electrical and plumbing. We also need to find someone to help us with the electrical. I have a feeling that's going to be a big job!


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