Rou Bus: Day 228- Of Power and Paint

So much was accomplished over Fall break on the Rou Bus! It doesn't really feel like a lot has happened, but it all looks so nice.

First up, we finally worked up the courage to plug the bus into shore power to test out all of the outlets. It's all been hooked up for a while, but we were quite nervous to actually try it out with real electricity. I grabbed the fire extinguisher just in case. Wendy switched on the breakers one at a time and I plugged in our big shop fan to each outlet. Everything works! It's much easier to work in the bus while it's raining now since we don't have to have extension cords snaking in through the open windows. We can also plug in our phones and listen to music! The extra large cup holder makes a great amplifier.

Hopefully that video works! This is my first time trying to add a video. Had to create a whole YouTube account, y'all. Maybe we can start taking more videos and upload them to the YouTube channel. Would anyone be interested in that? One more thing on my to-do list. No big deal.

Wendy put down the flooring in the under-bed section to protect the plywood since our fresh water tank will be in there and who knows what kinds of not-super-clean things we'll end up storing down there. It looks so nice and has me excited for when the rest of the flooring goes down! We tested out the battery operated puck lights that we'll be using throughout and I think that they will be plenty bright enough. There are only two lights on in the middle picture. Wendy also took down a phone-in Rougarou t-shirt order on a piece of wood! High tech over here.

In between keeping track of t-shirt orders, I was able to take the time on Saturday and Sunday of Fall break to get some painting done. I still need to touch up the cabinet doors, but holy cow y'all, it all looks so nice and bright!! I started painting the cabinets above the windshield, the walls in the living area, and the closet. FYI, the closet is quite comfortable and roomy. I can't believe I didn't take a selfie in the closet. You can also kind of see our new windshield sun shade that we snagged from camping world online. It's actually a good foot taller than our windshield, but it folds over easily.

Neil thought it would be cool to jump on my back and hang out while I was painting. Somehow I survived without any scratches. Wendy put in some cute and tiny windowsills! I think they are just too precious.

Speaking of Neil, he really makes himself at home in the bus.

Wendy installed all of the cabinet and drawer pulls and the little thingies inside of the cabinets and drawers that keep them from swinging open. I'm loving the black on white! It's also really difficult to get a good picture of the closet.

Last up, Wendy fixed up the back of the bus where the air conditioner will live.

We purchased most of the plumbing materials including the kitchen sink and faucet, the shower head set and drain for the tub, the gray water tank, and the other little odds and ends that need to be hooked up. We still need to get the water heater and the pex tubing. Once the plumbing is all in, Wendy can put together the bed frame, finish up the rest of the walls, and make the kitchen counter top. Our unofficial goal was to have it finished in a year, and I think we're on track to make that happen. March 10th makes a year!


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