Rou Bus: Day 203- Storage? We've Got Plenty!

Since the last blog, Wendy has almost finished up the closet, installed upper kitchen cabinets, and we have a few items making their way to us.

Above are some views of the closet. You can see how the interior is all open, but will have three sets of doors on the outside. The bottom left portion is closed off for the litter box. Wendy found some gorgeous tongue and groove cedar planks at Lowes to line the inside walls of the closet. It smells divine! All of the interior walls are cedar and the ceiling is regular wood planks that will be painted white.

The closet doors!! Wendy used the old fence boards to create these doors. She finished them with wood oil and they're really going to pop with the rest of the walls painted white. We're waiting on handles to be delivered. The cat door was added today and is so tiny and cute compared to our huge dog door in the house. I feel like this bus is already fancier than our house. :)

We bought some small upper cabinets from Surplus Warehouse, the same place we bought the other cabinets and the flooring. Wendy researched online for how other people modified pre-fab cabinets and then just went for it. She cut off part of the upper back of the cabinets to make them sort of rounded. Then she attached a 2x4 above the windows to anchor the cabinets to. The cabinet all the way to the front of the bus is actually above the driver's seat. There's still a ton of space up there and you don't even really notice the cabinets when sitting in the seat. The kitchen area also doesn't feel cramped with them up there. There is still plenty of space for meal prep.

We bought the fabric for the curtains (the first image). It's a simple print on my favorite color, seafoam. I had considered many different fabric prints and had one picked out that was a bit pricey. I went to Walmart one day to grab a fabric to throw together some quick curtains for the front door to block the sun from fading the vinyl floors. I saw this fabric and fell in love with it! I bought the whole bolt at almost one third of the price per yard of the first fabric. Score!

The second picture is what I bought to line the curtains with. It's a 90% UV resistant shade cloth that still allows some light through. It was important to me to not completely block out the light with the curtains, but to still block some of the heat.

I was also considering tie-backs that were simple. I found some rope ones with square knots which is the type of knot Wendy and I tied at our wedding! The ones I found on Etsy are $8-10 a piece, so I'll be making those instead. I'm also going to use white rope.

Neil went help Wendy install the cabinets. He worked hard and passed out after. :)

Next, Wendy is going to put up some more wall planks and install the outlets in the upper cabinets and we'll paint the rest of the cabinets.


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