Rou Bus- Day 177: It's a Slow Moving Train (Bus)

Well, our start-up funds have been depleted and it's been minimal progress since. Wendy has been working on small projects with the materials we already have.

We finished painting the cabinets and the entryway is pretty much finished. The only thing left to do is finish the cabinet doors under the dash.

Wendy finished the new part of the dash board and I think the stain will compliment the floors very well. She also finished the counter top on the entry cabinet. I requested very large cup holders to fit my huge water bottle that I always lug around with me. We found wooden vases that held succulents in them on clearance at Target and they worked perfectly! I think it all looks so nice. And check out the outlet we have!!

Wendy put down some flooring where the refrigerator and composting toilet will live. And more outlets!

Wendy put up the closet walls and started to put up the ceiling. She didn't finish the ceiling because she's waiting for electrical to be finished completely. The girls enjoy hanging out with us while working. I think they're going to love camping with us!

Wendy built us a super cool sofa bed. We looked around online for blueprints but couldn't find any, so she had to just go with whatever pictures she could find and figure out the rest. We decided to use 2x4s for the frame to make sure it is extremely sturdy and can hold up to lots of use. We also hope there will be less warping with the thicker wood. The frame slides out to a full size bed and also lifts up to allow for storage underneath. We plan to buy an 8 inch memory foam mattress online and cut it into two pieces. One piece will cover the entire seat while in sofa mode, leaving the second piece to lean against the wall for a back rest. When the sofa pulls out into a bed, both mattress pieces will lay down next to each other.

With the help of a friend, Wendy learned a few things about installing electrical. We decided on a 50 amp hookup. The panel is in the under-bed storage area. They also installed an outlet on the outside of the bus where our outdoor living space will be. There will be some outlets in the upper kitchen cabinets once those are installed. For lighting, we've decided to use battery operated lights (that change color!) to not only make wiring more simple, but also to make it easier to use them off grid. We're going to have the electrical looked over again before going live with it.

I've been very busy with weekly meal prep, Rou Rags, and also with teaching a few classes at Nicholls, so I haven't been too much help. But I DID manage to get myself onto the hood of the bus to scrape off the very last of the stickers. There was a huge sticker on top of the "school bus" stickers that was then spray painted black. They were serious about removing the markings of the school bus.

Wendy has been working on the closet. She created the space for the litter box and started some of the framing for the doors. We were going to use cheap, plastic accordion doors, but Wendy had an even better idea (yes, she gets all the credit for this one!). She's cutting and sanding the old fence boards that we took down when she moved the fence back. She's going to create bi-fold doors for the closet and the toilet room. She's also using the fence boards to cover the back and side doors of the bedroom. We're going to finish them with wax to try to preserve the weathered look. She's actually cutting and sanding as I type. No Tropical Storm Gordon will slow Wendy down!

We'll be able to get more materials after September's pay day. We're hoping to get plumbing done next. We did order one water tank already. Once we know exactly where the water tank can fit under the bed, Wendy will be able to install more bed supports and then install the bed frame. My uncle is going to sell us a rack that he made and used on his camper. It's the exact width of the bus! That will house our AC unit and generator, and maybe some bicycles. Slowly, but surely, we're getting there!


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