Rou Bus - Day 15: Grind day and night

I totally forgot to play Beyonce today. Shame on me!

Wendy got started around 8:00 this morning (I'm typing this Sunday night, but probably won't publish until Monday- must proofread with a clear head). Today's number one goal was to remove the walls under the windows. The walls are folded somehow under the windows so we would have to remove all of the windows to properly remove the walls. Not happening, friends. Most people just cut the walls right under the windows and call it a day. That's more our speed. Wendy bought a fancy new tool to cut the walls. First, she used it to remove the last of the pesky bolts. Then, she removed the rubber and plywood from the floors.

I actually helped today! I used the drill to pull up some of the screws from the floor. I swept. I removed the stickers from around the emergency exit window until the sun was too much for me. Wendy started to sand the rust off the floor, causing me to suffocate under the mask. No worries; I'm still alive.

Wendy is always going to be the real MVP in this project. Always.

My dad helped us tremendously today! Turns out Wendy's fancy new tool wasn't quite fancy enough to cut through the walls. Dad's super fancy tool worked, though. I think it was a more powerful grinder. Maybe by the end of this conversion I'll know actual names for tools. Maybe I'll remember to play Beyonce, too. Goals.

Check out that rust! It's not horrible and it was expected. I'm not sure if buses, being giant metal boxes, naturally retain enough humidity inside to cause the rust, if water from the road seeps in through the bolts, or if drivers hose out the inside of the bus allowing water to seep under the rubber flooring.

Our friends Lanie and Alyssa stopped by during their Sunday bike ride! Hey, y'all!

After the walls came out and Dad left, we took a lunch break. My grandma stopped by for a visit and brought us daiquiris. :) Then back to work we went removing a million more screws. I felt super cool using the impact drill to remove the screws. We were able to take down the panels above the windows and remove the lights. They were just nicely plugged into the wires. That's our kind of electrical work. We removed all the screws from the panel above the back door and about two rows of screws from the ceiling panels. That was about the time we both had to tap out. I'm deliriously tired.

I think we've accomplished quite a bit for only four days of work. I don't think Wendy has any softball games next weekend so I'm sure we'll get quite a bit done! Next up, we have to remove the ceiling panels and the panels above the windshield. We also have to treat the rust on the floor then figure out what we want to use for insulation.


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