Rou Bus- Day 121: Framing and Cabinets and Rebuilding, Oh My!

I can't believe so much was accomplished in just a week! And I actually helped, in the heat, this time and there's photographic evidence. What.

I don't recall sharing the specific type of flooring we decided on. We got these vinyl planks from Surplus Warehouse and as I link to it I'm seeing that it has a cheaper price online... not cool. We were debating between a gray wood and a warm wood look. Eventually warm wood won because our counter tops are going to be stained and sealed wood and I think this flooring will match them nicely. As much as I love a gray and white look, the bus space is so small that I don't want it to end up looking too cold.

On to the progress! Wendy put up the framing for the toilet room and the closet. I learned how to drill pocket holes with the kreg and now consider myself a master of the pocket holes. I can't even tell you how many I've drilled.

This is the tiny toilet room! We're going to put a small shelf or cabinet above the window to hold the essentials. We're getting a composting toilet, probably the Nature's Head.

The closet is a nice size- 4.5 feet wide, 2 feet deep, and ceiling height. The bottom left quarter of the closet will be completely closed off to house the litter box. Instead of using a tape measure, we just lugged the whole litter box out to the bus to make sure it would fit. Quite proud of myself for putting up those wall slats! Don't they look fabulous?! And all those expertly-drilled pocket holes. If school psychology doesn't work out I may have a future in construction. hahahahahaaaaa  I also put the wood slats on the bottom front of the closet. We're looking at these accordion doors for the front of the closet. The right side will have a full door and the left side will have the door just above the litter box area. The litter box will have it's own wooden door with a cat door in it.

Looking pretty awesome so far!

We had planned to build the sofa next until Wendy realized that we wouldn't be able to get the kitchen cabinets in the bus with a whole sofa already in there. We decided to move the refrigerator to the other side of the kitchen (next to the toilet room) so that we could have a taller fridge. There's a heater behind the driver's seat that the fridge would have had to sit on top of. It's easier to put a cabinet of some sort on the heater. We figured how many inches we had to work with (5 feet plus 30 inches where the heater is) and set out to price unfinished cabinets at Surplus Warehouse and Home Depot. Surplus Warehouse had the exact measurements we needed and a bonus cabinet that we can use next to the sofa and the stairs. Our original plan was for Wendy to build a cabinet next to the sofa until we found a perfect one. Home Depot didn't have quite the selection that Surplus Warehouse had, so we trekked back to Schriever and bought some cabinets!

I'm going to have a full 90 inches of kitchen counters in the bus including the sink. The sink will be under-mounted and a piece of wood to match the counters will be fitted on top so the sink can also function as counter space. This is more counter space than our house, y'all. I'm so pumped.

Wendy had to cut part of the cabinet to allow the hoses to reach the heater. The bottom drawer was removed and we're going to put a decorative screen in its place to allow the air to circulate. Since the heater blows out air almost on the ground level, Wendy cut a hole in the kick plate and will put a screen down there as well. We had some leftover screen from the bar Wendy built in our house. It got a nice coat of black spray paint and will also be used to cover a small vent hole in the ceiling. You can see it sitting on top of the cabinets in that first picture above.

The cute little cabinet that will fit between the sofa and the stairs got a little upgrade. It's actually an upper cabinet that just so happened to be the perfect size and layout for what I imagined. I put two little pieces of wood in the bottom opening to turn it into a shoe rack. We should be able to fit two pairs of sneakers and several pairs of flip flops in there. I'd like to put a little piece of vinyl flooring on the bottom to keep it clean. I just love that it worked out perfectly!

Wendy finally came around to the idea that the bed needs to be higher to allow for more storage under the bed. The fresh water tanks that we've been looking at are usually taller than 12 inches. We pulled out the current framing, picked up some better plywood (not about that mdf), and worked on building a 20 inch high bed frame. I had originally wanted a couple of drawers under the bed and now we have an extra drawer from the kitchen, so we made that happen. Our amazing friend, Jason, who helped Wendy get the cabinets from the truck and into the bus, is going to try to help us rout some plywood to create two smaller drawers to match the big one. So now we have a bigger bed frame with openings for three drawers. Still waiting on the lift kit for the bed, btw.

Also pictured above: proof that I helped and even used power tools! I may have said, "This is too vibratey" after using that saw for ten seconds. My body is very sensitive to pressure.

When we first started looking for a bus, we wanted to get the maximum amount of space within the 30 feet we allowed ourselves for a bus (because of parking space). We were considering a flat-nose bus, but those come with their own downfalls such as engine placement and difficulty to service. When we settled on a dog-nose bus and I had to drop my layout sketches down by ten feet, I was really worried that our bus would be so cramped and tiny. I have been amazed at how much we are able to squeeze into our 19ft by 7.5ft of living space. We have a queen size actual bed (not a fold out sofa or other type of convertible bed), a 24" by 38" bathtub, a toilet room, a 4.5ft closet, a 6ft sofa that will pull out into a second bed, a 12" cabinet next to the sofa, a 7ish cu ft refrigerator, and 90 inches of kitchen counters/cabinets. I don't feel like we've had to settle for anything less than what we really wanted. Honestly, I feel like we're getting more than I expected!

Next up, we're going to put up some of the wall paneling in places that we know won't have wiring or plumbing and will start on building that sofa. We ran into one of Wendy's friends who offered to help us with electrical who knows what he's doing and is an avid camper. We've been so lucky with the help we are receiving and we are beyond grateful!


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