Rou Bus- Day 115: It's starting to look like a camper!

Wendy has made so much progress in the last couple of weeks. Throwing up framing really brings it all to life. It's so exciting!

After putting in the sub floor and insulation, she insulated and boxed in the wheel wells. When reading the instructions on the box of vinyl flooring, we realized framing on top of the floors was not recommended. We shoved the boxes of flooring under the spare bed in the house for safe keeping. :)

Wendy then put framing on the walls and furring strips on the ceiling. Instead of buying furring strips, she cut strips from a piece of thin plywood.

Pro tip: write down measurements on literally any surface. I have no idea what these mean and I'm not sure Wendy remembers what they mean either. :)

In the front of the bus, Wendy put up a piece of wood under the spot above the windshield. It looks much nicer than just the black metal. Eventually we'll make the whole space into cabinets and mount a small television (also to be used as a back up camera) and probably a stereo with speakers. The space under the dash by the door will also be a cabinet. Storage everywhere we can squeeze it!

Now for the really fun part- framing! In order to make sure the framing measurements were correct, we went ahead and purchased the metal bed frame with lift kit and bathtub. The metal bed frame arrived without the lift kit and we're still trying to rectify that situation. Wendy was able to use the instructions on the bed frame website to build the wood frame for under-bed storage.

Since the bathtub is going to be next to the bed, Wendy framed up the bathtub walls next. We changed up the floor plan a bit to give us more space. We were going to put the bathtub in and just leave a small opening by the toilet to get in and out of the tub. The opening was tiny- maybe 8-10 inches. Not going to happen! We decided to put the bathtub by itself and then enclose the toilet in it's own tiny room with an accordion-style door. This works out well and actually gives us a bit more room. We had also initially planned to just have a shower pan in the 24" by 38" space. I was searching the internet for a shower pan and came across tiny RV bathtubs with those exact dimensions! It's not quite big enough to really relax in, but it will make bathing dogs on the road so much easier. And it's super cute.

It's looking like a camper now!! Across from the tub and toilet room is the closet and litter box storage. Wendy framed up one of the closet walls so I was able to walk through and really get a feel for how much walking space we have. I am surprised and relieved that the whole back area feels quite spacious. There's a little space behind the closet across from the tub that we can easily get dressed in. I'm planning to hang some curtains to block off the tub area and/or the whole toilet/tub/closet area for privacy from the front of the bus. The curtains can also keep the cool air-conditioned air in the bedroom at night since the mini split will be mounted on the back wall above the bed.

Next up will be framing the closet and the toilet room and building the sofa. We're still anxious about plumbing and electrical. We've consulted with many friends and our heads are still swimming a bit. Once we get past electrical and plumbing we'll feel much better.

Neil hasn't jumped the fence to the front yard in a very long time, but decided to come check out our progress the other day! I think he's going to enjoy traveling.


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