Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

It's almost my favorite two weeks of the year: FALL! I don't care when the official start and end dates are- in South Louisiana we only experience Fall for about two weeks. Not even two consecutive weeks. We may get a day or two here and there. Those days are glorious and magical and I appreciate every second of them.

To honor my favorite days, I present to you the pumpkin of coziness.

drawing of a pumpkin with the words autumn, sweaters, bonfires, and flannel written in script inside the pumpkin
Pumpkin of Coziness

This is the first t-shirt design drawn with the apple pencil and procreate app! I can't tell you how nice it is to draw something, erase with the tap of a finger, and resize without having to scan and enlarge the drawing on our ancient printer. We are saving paper over here! It's also possible to transfer the image to the rubber straight from the printed page. The ink is heavy enough that I can rub the back of the paper and the image will transfer lightly onto the rubber. I can then touch up any areas with a pencil straight onto the rubber.

This design was inspired by the upcoming Christmas design, which is already in the works (more on that design and how it came to be when I get around to holiday stuffs). You know I actually had to google "autumn words" to decide which words to use inside the pumpkin. *facepalm* That is how foggy my brain has been lately with the forty-two thousand projects I have going on right now. I ended up choosing the words that are most important to me: things that keep me warm. Hehe. Being cold hurts, so I'm always complaining and wearing way more layers than everyone else.

This design was a breeze to carve up. I decided to leave in some of the "noise" since pumpkins have imperfections.

I offered up this super cozy and soft sweater for the Tigers print, but no one took advantage of it *while it was on sale on the members' page*. I have this sweater and let me tell you- I want to wear it every day. I'm even considering moving somewhere cold so I have a reason to wear it every day. It's called sponge fleece and I don't know how they do it, but it really does feel a bit spongy. It has an airy thickness to it that is so squishy and comforting. Now if I could get them to make it in more colors...

My model for this shirt is Melissa! She used to work with Wendy and now she works in my neck of the woods. She is super awesome and hosted the first party when I was selling Bathologie products. :) She shared the spotlight with Sophie Jean and indulged me when I asked to take some stealth pics at the Starbucks. I told her about the time we did a whole stealth photo shoot in Lowes. I even got her daughter, Jada, in on the action.

Starbucks in no way endorses this shirt. ;)

These shirts will only be on sale Friday, October 4th through Monday, October 7th. And, as always, this design will be retired after the sale.

Don't forget to become a Rou Rags site member so that you have access to the special members' page that will have discounted prices and exclusive products during the sale.

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