Presille Plays the Mambo

It feels like Christmas just ended, but here I am knee-deep in Mardi Gras. I think I drew the Mardi Gras design even before Christmas. I can't remember. Trying to blog and having a crap memory don't really go well together.

The Christmas pelican design was a huge hit, as were the towels! I printed 80-something towels altogether! Huge thanks to everyone who made a purchase and to my mom and Wendy for helping with production. It was a wild time. After all the madness, we had a very relaxing winter break. We took the bus out (still haven't gotten around to that blog post), spent some time with friends, and relaxed around the house.

Now that break is over and I'm back into the full swing of life, it's time to get Mardi Gras started.

I decided to bring back the pelican. I really like the idea of having a sort of mascot for Rou Rags. Even though I kept referring to it as "he" while printing the Christmas design, I think it needs to be a "she". She also needed a name. I googled "Cajun names" and Presille stood out. I like the way it sounds. I don't even remember the meaning. I'm a mess. lol

Amy Jo helped me out with the original drawing by giving me tips to better position Presille.

Once the digital drawing was finished, I printed a greeting card. I LOVE IT.

When I started carving the design, I changed up some of the details. The fleurs-de-lis and beads on the gate were too small to get nice details, so they are solid. The corbels also seemed like they would look better solid. I also left the roof mostly solid. The changes look better when printed on shirts. There's more balance.

I don't know where the idea for tie dyeing shirts came from. Probably Amy Jo. I don't recall ever tie dyeing anything before, so this was a completely new craft for me. I searched Pinterest for some tips and pattern ideas. I'm not really a tie dye person, so the idea of the sunburst coming from the bottom corner of the shirt appealed to me the most. I had purchased a block party tie dye set from Amazon and when I read through the instructions, I found out the dye is only good for about 72 hours after mixed. That wasn't doing me any good for my sample shirts. Thankfully, I went to Walmart and found packets of powder dye. I picked up some travel shampoo bottles, raced home, and started my science experiment. lol

I had purchased my usual cotton/poly shirts at first before finding out that 100% cotton is better. I ordered some 100% cotton shirts and decided to try one of each to see what the difference is. I can't see a significant difference, so that's good.

After washing and drying the shirts, it was time for Presille!

So much fun! The tie dye shirts (as well as our regular shirts) will be available for purchase on the site as soon as the design drops.

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