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Hello to the Rou Rags world! It's been a while since the last shirt sale. After the Do What Ya Wanna batch, we went on our London trip, I had a custom batch to put out, and then I took a little mental break. I was having a creative block and needed to step away for a second. We've also been pushing forward with the bus, which was using up some mental energy. But, I'M BACK NAH.

First up, we have the new Rou Rags logo for 2019! I've shared these on social media already and in the London trip blog (it was actually this Rou Bus update). The idea for this new logo design came about from an idea I was cultivating regarding a possible Sex Education design. If you have not watched Sex Education on Netflix yet, stop reading and go watch it now! I'm serious. It's phenomenal. Hilarious and heart-warming. Anyway, I was thinking of doing a Moordale logo shirt and decided to turn that idea into a Rou Rags logo instead. I love how it turned out! This will not replace the original logo. It's just something fun and cute.

I went back and forth with whether I should put 2018 or 2019 in that logo. I'm calling it the 2019 logo, but I think the year Rou Rags was born is more appropriate for the design.

I was inspired by the Framily Gras sugar skull shirts to try this logo in rainbow ink. Rainbow ink requires very careful placement of the ink on the bench hook and then super careful rolling of the ink onto the foam roller. The end result so shiny and bright, though! Worth the effort. It shows up best on white or very light colored shirts.

And, of course, some finished products in front of the Eiffel Tower.


In addition to the new logo, we also have the Bayou Life shirts! This idea came from the "pirates life for me" song being stuck in my head. I don't know the whole song, or what the name of the actual song is, but that one little line was stuck in my head.

I test-printed this one on a bright pink loose-fit racerback tank that I already had for myself. I'm not usually a bright pink girl, but this color is just too pretty to ignore. I also can't promote this tank top enough. I LOVE IT. It's so soft and just loose enough around the tummy to be comfortable but not so loose that you don't still have a little shape. It's so perfect. Even though we're pushing the bayou life here, we took these pics at The Lakeview II on Lake Verret. oops. :)

So these are the two new designs that will be available for pre-order Friday 4/26 through Monday 4/29. It takes about two weeks to get these printed and shipped. Also note that taxes are now included in the price since the website wasn't collecting taxes correctly. So complicated! If you have any questions about the shirts, the home page has a contact form or you can email me at

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