Holiday Cards Fundraiser 2019

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

To celebrate Orangutan Awareness Week, which is November 10-16th, Rou Rags and friends are raising funds for Orangutan Outreach with a holiday card sale!

Our last fundraiser, the Chucky + Judy shirts, was successful beyond our expectations and we were able to adopt four orangutans for a year through Orangutan Outreach! Now we've put together two sets of holiday cards (plus some bonus gifts!) to raise even more money for the orangutans. Orangutan Outreach is a non-profit organization whose mission is to save the critically endangered orangutans and protect their rainforest home.

As you may recall, the Chucky + Judy shirts were a tribute to Karin Konoval, the actress who played both characters on an episode of The X-Files. She also plays Maurice on the latest Planet of the Apes trilogy and is an advocate for rehabilitation of orangutans which are an endangered species.

Welllllll, we are teaming up with Karin again! The X-Files set of holiday cards includes original artwork by me and Nita (@dontpanicface). One of the cards has a Chucky + Judy design. Each set of four cards also comes with two(2!) photographs signed by Karin- one of Chucky and one of Judy!

The second set of cards includes artwork by me, Nita, and Karin! Karin's drawing is of Heran that she adapted with a holiday theme. We also have drawings of Krismon, Molika, and Gunung, three of our adopted orangutans! This set also comes with two photographs signed by Karin- one of Maurice and one of Karin playing Maurice.

There are only 25 sets of X-Files and 25 sets of orangutan cards available. Sets are $20 each. $18 from each set will be donated to These are very limited quantities and will likely sell out quickly. The webpage will be live at 12:00pm (noon) Central Standard Time on Sunday, November 10th.


We sold all 50 sets of cards and donated $900 to Orangutan Outreach (!!!

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