Fancy Ass Craft Beer

If you weren't into the pumpkin spice-ness of the last design, this one is for you!

My very good friends, Denise and Amy Toups, have been my biggest Rou Rags supporters. I think they have every single Rou Rags shirt except one. It is way past time that I make a special design in their honor.

Even though they make all their Rou Rags shirts beer drinking shirts, this shirt is *definitely* the designated beer drinking shirt. Denise and Amy post about the weird flavored beers they try and it inspired this Fancy Ass Craft Beer shirt.

This is the second design created digitally with the Procreate app, so in addition to an outline drawing, I also have a fun colored-in picture!

I'm funny sometimes. :)

Even with all of the letters on here, which are not super fun to carve, this was a fairly easy and quick one. I tried to print it as gigantic as possible and cut off a bit of the top and bottom. Oops. No big deal. I just drew the rest straight onto the rubber. Getting the test print lined up on the paper was a struggle since it barely fit on a piece of paper to begin with!

Test prints on paper are always blurry. The paper is smoother than fabric, so the rubber slides around a little. If I were using paper printing ink, it wouldn't do this.

I always have plenty of blank shirts in my size lying around (surprise) to test designs on fabric. If I already know who will model the design and I have a shirt in their size, I'll print the model shirt first. In this case, I hadn't yet ordered Denise and Amy's shirts, but when they did come in, they did not disappoint! Great color choices, ladies!

Okay, so THE BEST PART of all of this is that I got to go to Denise and Amy's house to take pics and visit Dexter, the dachshund puppy! He's so flippin' cute. They ordered little puppy shirts that I was going to quickly print a Rou Rags logo on, but the local post office politely received the package and then sent it to Florida. ???? Thanks a lot, guys. I dug around in Zuri's old clothes and found this Linebarker tee complete with shoulder pads.

Denise built Toups Tavern in their dining room area and it's the cutest little spot to enjoy a cold one and watch football, which is exactly what we did.

Of course there was a lot of attention given to the MVP (Most Valuable Pup). Denise grooms our babies, Zuri, Bear, and Sophie over at Pretty Paws. Look her up if your pup needs a good 'do.

This Fancy Ass Craft Beer design will be on sale November 1st through 4th only! Tell ya momma 'n dem!

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