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Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Friends! It has been about 9 months since the last orangutan fundraiser. *shock* The pandemic put a wrench in a lot of plans. It has been a whole year since the first fundraiser with the Chucky + Judy shirts. We were able to adopt 4 orangutans for a year! In December, we had a greeting card fundraiser that raised $900 to donate to Orangutan Outreach. Ah-mazing! The X-Files fandom really knows how to show up for a good cause!

For World Orangutan Day this year (August 19th), we're hoping to raise enough funds to adopt more orangutans! There are four new babies in the program who could use our support! Orangutan Outreach is dedicated to protecting orangutans, working to ensure that displaced and orphaned orangutans can be returned to their native forests. Because of the destruction of the rainforest and other threats, it is believed that there are fewer than 42,000 orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra, making it vital that orangutans remain in their native forests and repopulate the species. Orangutan Outreach's mission is to provide for the care of orphaned and displaced orangutans, seeing to it that young orangutans are taught the skills they need to survive in the wild and older orangutans who've lived in captivity are socialized. Orangutans who are unable to live independently in the wild remain under the protection of organizations dedicated to their survival.

As you may know, this all started with Nita's idea for the Chucky+Judy shirt which was inspired by Karin Konoval's characters Chucky and Judy from the Plus One episode of The X-Files. Karin also brought to life Maurice in The Planet of the Apes. Her love and deep connection with orangutans is the reason we chose to donate to Orangutan Outreach in the first place, and now we've fallen for the sweet faces and knowing eyes of the red apes. We're also just huge animal lovers in general. lol

This year's shirt is from a scene in The X-Files episode My Struggle I. Yeah, I know, but it's a great shot. Karin wasn't in this episode, but she has graciously donated some sweet signed prints to include with each order! She took a really neat photo of a page from her personal copy of the Home script; the episode in which she played Mrs. Peacock and delivered the iconic line, "I'm HONGRY!" (Talk about amazing special effects make-up!)

We had been tossing around this design idea since last year, and ultimately came back to it because it is so appropriate for the state of the world right now. We considered flipping the image so that the words read from left to right, but ended up keeping it the way it is shown in the show.

For this round, some of y'all asked for something other than just t-shirts, and I feel ya. I have more t-shirts than I can count. It's ridiculous. Soooo this time we will have shirts, tote bags, and card sets! Each order will come with one signed script pic from Karin.

The products will launch on August 19th!! Keep an eye out for our social media posts and share with your friends so we can raise as much money as possible for the orangutans!

Shop here on August 19:

UPDATE! With the impressive generosity of the X-philes and Orangutan supporters, we were able to raise $1225 and adopt TEN orangutans for a year! We cannot thank everyone enough!

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