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It's the most wonderful time of the year! I don't care what the song says, Mardi Gras is the best season. Fight me on it.

And guess what else? This season marks one year since I started making shirts! Remember the Thibodaux Parade Krewes shirts last year? You can read about them here. Someone showed me another designer in the area who is making shirts like these this year. I'm flattered. :)

A lot has changed since that first batch of shirts. I gave up the unforgiving linoleum blocks for rubber blocks. I moved my website from just a blog to a blog with a store and a whole domain name. I added new shirt styles. I started doing pre-sales instead of limited-size batches. I started experimenting with different color inks and printing styles. Check out this evolution!

What continues is the limited edition batches- once the pre-sale is over, the designs are no longer available. I'm also continuing to have a blast creating designs! While the business side of things can get a little stressful, the creative outlet helps keep me sane. I'm forever grateful to everyone who orders shirts from me! THANK YOU!

Now, onto the good stuff!

This year's Mardi Gras design is a nod back to the simple design and shadow style print that I started with last year. I actually had this design sketched out right after that first design! It's been a long wait. It's a nod to my favorite Mardi Gras song by Rebirth Brass Band.

Since I have only a 9x12 size rubber block to work with, I had to shrink down my trumpet. As it turns out, pocket trumpets are a thing. I did not know this until I googled "small trumpet". They are super cute.

Carving this design was pretty easy and didn't take long at all. There's a lot of "noise" happening on the test prints. I'll carve out more of it before printing the rest of the shirts.

The first layer of just white looked so good that I almost stuck with just white. Also, don't get too stuck on that beautiful green color because it's out of stock now. *crying face*

Wendy was my very first model a year ago. A super quick "let-me-grab-a-picture" while she was working outside. What a glow up. #TBT #portraitmode

And some outtakes...

These shirts will be available for pre-sale Friday, January 25 through Monday, January 28. Orders can be placed on this website (the page will magically appear- I swear it's magic).

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