Crawfish Season- Batch 2

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

I'd like to start out with a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped make Batch 1 a success!!! I can't even begin to describe how awesome it feels to have everyone's support. It was also the coolest thing ever to see my shirts on the parade route! YOU ALL ROCK!

So batch 2 wasn't even going to be a thing until April. I already have the design drawn up for a fair-inspired shirt. But who wants to wait that long? And why stop the train now when it's just getting started? Enter crawfish season.

The pic on the left was the original design that just didn't feel right. I wasn't a huge fan of the font and I won't even tell you how many times I erased Mr. Crawfish's legs and tail. I searched around for a font that was more exclamatory and my mom suggested adding the "y'all" and the pot. Thanks, Mom! The pot is actually my favorite part of the finished print on the shirts. lol

I carved this design much faster than the first one. Progress! The first test print on paper was fabulous, mostly because when printing on paper you put the paper on top of the block and press down on the paper. When printing on shirts, it's difficult to line up the shirt on top of the block, so I put the block down on top of the shirt and press down on the block. Of course, the middle of the block doesn't imprint as well as the outside. Insert wonky-faced Mr. Crawfish.

I ended up scrapping six shirts because the face was unrecognizable. The print on the right is the best one. Most prints are somewhere in the middle. The good thing about scrapping six shirts was that I picked up a couple more 3x shirts when I re-ordered the six. I'm still learning about the best array of sizes. I did end up buying a .25 piece of foam in the craft section of Walmart and putting that under the shirt when I press down. It works so well!!

I was a bit discouraged by the prints not being perfect and had to remind myself that imperfect is kind of the aesthetic I'm going for here. I want my shirts to feel lived-in and comfy. Like your favorite old band t-shirt that's kind of falling apart but it's the most comfortable t-shirt that you own. That's a lot to live up to. Maybe not EXACTLY like that shirt. Maybe like the newer version of that shirt.

I'm also trying to work on managing my social media. I originally created a FB page because those are really easy for people to find and they link up to Instagram. The problem with FB pages is that even when people like and follow a page, the page's posts don't always show up in followers' feeds. I get a notification from FB Every. Day. asking me to boost my post. I shouldn't have to pay for my followers to see my posts. For that reason, I created a FB group as well since posts in groups usually show up in the group members' feeds. Now the problem is that I feel like I'm posting the same thing a billion times. It's pretty easy to post to IG and FB page at the same time, but then I have to share that post to the group. I want my group to feel special, though. If you take the time to join my Rou Rags group, YOU ARE SPECIAL!

As an incentive for being a super special group member, I am going to release each batch to the group 24 hours before the general public. So group members have 24 hours to claim a shirt in their size. Since there are only 19 shirts available in this batch, claiming your size quickly is a big deal! And I'm dead set on keeping my word that when you buy a shirt from a batch, you are buying something truly limited edition. There are only going to be 23 of these shirts in existence (19 plus one for me, one for my wife, one for the model, and one for my mom).

If you want to be part of the super special Rou Rags VIP Rou Crew group, follow this link:

Lastly, THANKS AGAIN! for all the love and support. Making shirts has been so much fun!


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