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Updated: Aug 8, 2020

If you've been following the blog for a while, you know that I'm *slightly* obsessed with The X-Files. Well this, my friends, is an X-Files related fundraiser tee.

At X-Fest in June, I got to meet up with a Twitter friend, Nita, who had an idea for a shirt based on the episode Plus One from season 11. In the episode, Karin Konoval plays the characters Chucky & Judy who play hangman with each other telepathically. Not only does Karin play both characters, but she also plays good and bad versions of each! She. Is. Brilliant. Oh, and I got to meet her and get a photo with her at XFest. [heart eyes]

Karin also played Maurice the orangutan in Planet of the Apes! She is a big supporter of organizations that protect and rehabilitate orangutans, including Orangutan Outreach, where you can ADOPT AN ORANGUTAN!! $10 of each shirt sold will be donated to Orangutan Outreach. I will post receipts. :)

This shirt was 100% Nita's idea. I just brought it to life. In order to do that, I did some research by watching the episode and pausing during all of the hangman scenes to try to copy the same handwriting as in the show. I am now available to hire full-time for X-Files research. :) The concept for the shirt is that the first Chucky & Judy represents "good" C&J and the second Chucky & Judy represents "bad" C&J. There's also the pencil tip break on there.

I sketched out the names and the pencil mark which I was surprisingly able to do in one attempt; however, that one attempt was pretty small. I enlarged it on the copier to be about the size of an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper. I wrote the last "Judy" in marker like on the show. Even though Chucky writes "Judith", we decided to stick with Judy for consistency.

The next step was transferring the design from paper to the rubber sheet and carving it up!

Then I test-printed on a piece of cardstock and on a blank shirt I had on hand.

I LOVE the way it turned out! A great tribute to Karin's brilliant performance. Thank you so much, Nita, for trusting me with your genius idea!

**UPDATE** With the unbelievable generosity of the X-Files fans (Philes) and unwavering support from Karin, we were able to sell 48 shirts! That raised enough money ($480) to adopt FOUR orangutans for a whole year! We have a special page here with info about our orangutans, but it's only available to friends who bought shirts. If you'd like to be part of group and have access to the orangutan page, email me a receipt for a $10 donation to Orangutan Outreach.

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