Babe Squad and Changes in 2021

Happy New Year, y'all! I hope everyone had a nice holiday season and is ready to rock 2021. 2020 was a pretty slow year for Rou Rags, but I've got some plans moving forward that will hopefully shake things up and help us grow.

I've been following along with a free workshop on planning (thanks Cortlan, for the rec!) and it has motivated me to really think about my business goals and where I want to be in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years. The workshop teaches you to break the year into 90-day goals. This is very helpful for me because I tend to have very big ideas and then get overwhelmed thinking about how to get it all done. None of this information is new to me, but sometimes it just takes someone else saying it to make it stick!

I'll be rolling out changes slowly, starting with trying out some new photography styles to help build a more curated Instagram account. I made a couple of vision boards to help me focus on color palettes that I'll try to stick to in my posts. I'll probably throw in some quote images and post some throw-backs to previous designs.

I'm also going to give people the opportunity to grab designs after the initial pre-sale! I don't keep stock, so every design is released as a pre-sale. This year, I'm going to offer each design twice! So for the second design, you'll be able to also purchase the first design. Then for the third design, you'll be able to also purchase the second design. Two designs per pre-sale. Hopefully this gives more people a chance to grab a design they may have missed!

On to the first design of 2021!

I usually put out a Mardi Gras design, but since everything is pretty much canceled, I decided to focus on Galentine's Day instead! We are all about girl power around here, so this one is for celebrating the babes. *heart emoji*

I finally used up all of that vinyl that wrinkled under heat, so I tried a new brand this time and it's *life-changing*. So easy to weed and is a dream under the heat press.

The new logo looks good printed, too! It was hard to keep using the old logo for the rest of 2020.

Ok, so I tried out some studio style pictures. I am not a model. I need more lighting. I have a lot LOT of room to grow, but I think I like this style.

And finally, I'm going to start offering digital downloads that will be available all of the time (not like the pre-sales for shirts). This first Galentine's set features printable cards (think elementary school!) and digital images to share.

I'm very excited about these! I love the ability to have things for sale on my website all of the time. Sooooo, these will be up all year! And I'll probably add more digital downloads that aren't tied to a shirt design. I'm also open to requests!

Aaaaaand as of last night, I have sticker sheets available! I love them so much, y'all. They're not *perfect*, of course, because I don't have a commercial sticker machine (I looked into them and it's like many, many thousands of dollars), but they're much better quality than I expected to be able to make myself. They're printed on vinyl sticker sheets and laminated to make them water resistant. I think you'd be safe putting them on a cup and hand-washing, but I haven't tested that out yet, so no guarantees. I'm also still mastering the blade pressure to get them to peel off easily but not turn into die cut stickers. The struggle. lol They might turn into sticker packs instead of sheets. *forced smile*

I guess when I said a "slow roll out" of changes, I actually meant a bunch of changes all at once. This is just how my brain operates. LOL

Shirts will be on pre-sale Saturday 1/9 through Monday 1/11. Sticker sheets and digital downloads will stay up on the site all year? Probably? We'll see how it goes!

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