52 Week Drawing Project- Weeks 9-10

Week 9-10: Black and white of face and shoulders (see the full project here)

The past two weeks have been super busy (what's new?) with my birthday weekend, releasing the Fancy Ass Craft Beer design, and prepping for the Holiday Cards fundraiser for Orangutan Outreach. SOMEHOW I still found the time for the main project drawing and all of one other doodle.

This week's project drawing is from way back in 2003/4 when Gillian was in a play called What The Night Is For at the Comedy Theater in London. I was a senior in undergrad at the time and had already put down a deposit on a trip to Belgium, France, and Germany with the art department. When I found out that Gillian was staying after the play for autographs, I asked my mom if she wanted to go to London with me. I lost my deposit on the school trip and planned a London trip with my mom instead.

We had a blast! I saw the play twice and met Gillian for the first time ever at the stage door. Honestly, it was a bit anticlimactic and I ended up falling out of the hardcore fandom after that, but I did keep in touch with my friends and still watched everything Gillian was in.

When we visited London again in March, my friend Louise and I took a picture in front of what was the Comedy Theater. Fun times.

Pictured below: My first pic with Gillian; me and Louise in front of the theater; the stage door

So this week's picture is a shot from the play. I think it may be a still from the program, but I can't remember. I do believe I have a program in a box somewhere, though!

This is the original picture. Beautiful, eh? I tried sketching the outline and features on my own and didn't even check them against the original. I'm a rebel.

Here's the progression. Note: Gillian with one eye is a bit alarming, but still gorgeous. In the third picture you can see the red outline that I sketched before starting. When I draw, I have the iPad in my lap and my phone with the original picture next to me. This was my attempt at being "not too detailed" and I feel like I succeeded but then Amy Jo said it was very detailed. Oops.

And the final product next to the original. I always think they look better when not next to the original.... :) Her eyes are big and her mouth a little wonky. I tend to make eyes too small so I think I over-corrected here and went too big. I am still very proud of not using the original to trace the features and I think overall it's a good drawing. I'm definitely learning more with every drawing.

Next week is black and white of face including hands.

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