52 Week Drawing Project- Weeks 7-8

This weeks' prompt: Black and white close-up of face with a silly expression. (For background and all prompts, click here)

Woo boy, y'all, this has been a busy week(s). I did not finish this drawing in one day like the other ones and I didn't have a lot of free time to do any doodles or close-ups of eyes.

I have a batch of shirts coming out plus some xmas stuff going on plus another orangutan fundraiser so yeah, no free time.


I'm so happy with it, even with the imperfections. I ended up going with a picture that was not the one I was initially considering. I actually was just going to use this one as a doodle. Test out using the airbrushes and not go so far into the photorealism because photorealism isn't going to be my style, right?

I just cannot help it. I'm too worried about the details, about the picture looking *just right*. So here we are, more photorealism.

The inspiration picture is Gillian as Goddess Media as Lucille Ball, a character from American Gods. I'm not going to lie, I tried to watch the show but it was too confusing so I just googled Gillian's parts. She's the Goddess of Media so she plays characters such as David Bowie and Marilyn Monroe. And she slays, of course.

Since I wasn't going all out on this one (rolls eyes at my own self), I did use the original picture to lightly outline the major features, then I got to working on the details. There was a lot of zooming in and out. When I started in on the hair, I was so happy with how it was looking, especially with the flyaways. Then I zoomed out and realized there's a hole bee-hive of hair.

I started with a black blob of hair and some generic details around the blob. I added flyaways around the edges and used lighter shades of gray to define the curls inside the blob. In between messing with the hair, I was adding shading to her facial features. Once the hair was done, I moved on to her chest and dress. I'm so glad it was just a polka dot dress!

So here you have it! The eyes and nose are a little off, but I still really like it overall. I didn't bother with the background. My favorite parts are the hair and dress. At any rate, it's a huge improvement over last week.

I did make the time for a couple of little doodles of Denise and Amy's pup, Dexter! He's also featured in the model pics for the next shirt design.

I think I used watercolor brushes for the first one. Just a quick little boop of a drawing because he is too cute to pass up. Then I did a little Amy Jo style avatar of him.

So next up (it starts today, actually AHH THERE'S NO TIME) is a black and white close up of face and shoulders which is basically what I just did. That's okay, I'm SURE there is another one out there for me to draw. LOL That's a joke because there are a million+ pictures of Gillian floating out in the world.

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