52 Week Drawing Project- Weeks 5-6

Sooooo... this two-week period was draining. The first week was my first big week of VIPkid classes, which left me very little time for drawing. I was also working on the pumpkin shirt sale prep. My head was spinning.

Then last week, I was recovering from the first week. LOL

Click here to read more about the whole project.

This week's prompt was black and white face straight-on. The inspiration picture is gawjussssss. This woman's face... just... how?

My rendition of this perfect face is so far from perfect. I actually *really* dislike this drawing. It feels like a major regression. I know I'm hard on myself, but, oof. It's so bad.

I used watercolor brushes for this one, except for the hair. I don't mind so much the look of the watercolor shading. Again, it's the proportions that are off that ruin this, just like the first week's drawing. And I even corrected my outline with the original image! I messed with it a bit after "finishing" it and it's still off. Ugh. Moving on.

I only had time for four doodles. Debs suggested a study of specific features, so I decided to start with the eyes. This first eye came out *ah-mazing*. Moving forward, I need to make it a point to write down which brushes I used because I always think I'm going to remember. I will never remember.

The second set of eyes are not quite as magical as this first one, but I do like them. I used airbrushes for this one, I do remember that! Bonus points for my fan friends who can identify which picture this set of eyes is from.

This next doodle is based off of one of the photos from the first GAWinser collection. I used oil painting brushes for this one. The face bothers me, but whatever. I'm much better at drawing clothes and background stuff than faces. The Sargent's Oils brushes (thanks Amy Jo!) are neat because it looks like it was painted on canvas.

And lastly, the inspiration photo for this one is a recent red carpet appearance. Again, the face is blegh, but just keep practicing, right? I do like the shading and highlights on this one. I feel that I'm getting better at noticing the shading and highlighting in pictures that I see.

The next prompt is "Black and white close-up of face with a silly expression." I do have a picture in mind, but it's in color. I may change it up and do it in color. We'll see!

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