52 Week Drawing Project: Weeks 35-36

I think this is the third blog under quarantine...? We're still pushing right along. Wendy is running out of projects. We're STILL waiting on paint so we can paint the whole exterior of our house. I'm keeping busy with drawing and just ventured into hand embroidery. There's still a looming cloud of uncertainty that adds some stress. Other than that, we're doing well.

This week I drew Scully for the first time! Choosing a reference pic for Scully was HARD because: 1. There are distinct hairstyles and picking one favorite is impossible. 2. She looks phenomenal in every single episode (besides Dod Kalm). 3. The X-Files acted like they had zero lighting budget, so it's difficult to see details in screencaps. I eventually narrowed it down to Season 11 Katherine wig Scully. [I do realize how ridiculous this all must sound to anyone not obsessed with XF] Specifically, Plus One sitting on the bed just before Mulder tells her she still has some scoot in her boot. Hahahahaha

I completely blanked on taking screenshots of my progress this time, so I decided to break this one down by layers. When drawing in Procreate, you can create layers that allow you to separate elements of your drawing. This is what the screen looks like with the layers open.

The first layer I draw is the sketch layer. I usually make the background a light gray color while drawing. I exported these pics after the drawing was finished and I had already changed the background color to something that was more like the picture. I also open a layer to put colors on. That makes it easier to grab a color you used previously. You can put colors into a palette on the color picker, but that takes more steps to get another color rather than just holding your finger down on a color on the drawing canvas.

The next layer I opened was for coloring the eyes and mouth, and eventually eyebrows. I like to put these elements on their own layer so that they can be easily resized independently from the skin color. If you resize them with the skin color, you'll end up with a whole line around them without skin color or with mismatched skin color. The eyes and mouth alone look like a silly snapchat filter.

The next layer I opened was the skin layer. I choose one base color and fill the whole skin area with that color. Then, I open another layer and make it a clipping mask so that everything I color stays within the skin layer. It's easier to add shading and highlights when you don't have to worry about staying in the lines! The eyes and mouth are visible when I add the color to the skin layer, but this is what it looks like on its own. Creepy ghost vibes.

Next up came the hair. Sometimes I draw the clothes first, sometimes the hair. Just depends on how I feel. I didn't add the hair color on a clipping mask like the skin because some hairs are flyaways and are drawn outside of the main chunk of hair.

The shirt layer is next. You can see how it doesn't look complete, because some sections are under the hair. The hair layer was visible while I was adding the shirt in. So the fun part about layers is when you accidentally start drawing on the wrong layer and have to hit the back button a hundred times to undo your progress. SO FUN.

And then the last layer is the background! I decided I don't like backgrounds, so I just add some blurred colors to loosely suggest the background.

And then when you put it all together, it looks like this! I'm pretty happy with this one, but still looking forward to making more progress.

I have a few bonus drawings this week. This first one of Annabeth Gish was already shared on Instagram and Facebook. AND she liked it and shared it on her IG story. *blush*

I love that one so much.

Since I love drawing clothes so much, I am starting a drawing series of Gillian's greatest outfits. Here are the first three! The Berlinale film fest suit, 2017 Golden Globes gown, and the 1996 FHM magazine vinyl (?) suit.

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