52 Week Drawing Project: Weeks 33-34

34 Weeks y'all. I've gotten super off track, but this is the first fortnight (why haven't I been using that word?) that I actually feel like I might be good at this. I'm really proud of myself this week *I MEAN FORTNIGHT*.

This fortnight's prompt was 2nd GAWinser shoot with background. I never even chose a picture from that shoot from the start. Debs suggested a different picture instead so I sketched that one out. Then I found an article online about finding your artistic style. You choose three artists you admire and study elements of your favorite piece from each. Then you choose which elements you want to incorporate into your own drawing and try to make that happen. I really wanted to get away from the photorealism. I tried and failed. lol I just can't help but make it look real. I chose a random photo that had been shared on Twitter recently and ended up using that as my project drawing this fortnight.

So here we are. Not at all this week's prompt, but it's good. For a list of all prompts, click here.

Maybe because I wasn't putting any pressure on myself, maybe because of all of this practice, this sketch came together quickly and looked on point immediately. I even posted it on Instagram.

I started with the sweater and used a fabric texture brush because I was trying to go for not photorealism. Anything but photorealism.

THEN I started on her mouth and eyes and that's where it all went wrong. I just couldn't NOT make it realistic and then her eyes looked *too good* that I had to continue. Oops. Speaking of eyes, when I was drawing the sketch, I decided to start at each corner and then focus on the top and bottom lid lines. It worked so much better than what I was doing before. Perhaps my eye for shapes is getting sharper.

I continued on with her skin. Her perfect, glowing skin. It's amazing how much of a difference highlighting makes. It really brings out her features.

After making her face so realistic, I went back and started over with her sweater because it then looked super messy. I drew her hair three times. I'm still not fully happy with it but whatever.

And now for the side-by-side! No, it's not *exactly* like the original picture, but that's really not my goal. I like that it looks more like a fantasy, air-brushed version. That's my goal. I do still see spots that I would fix, like her hand and her hair and make her eyelids a bit heavier, but I am overall extremely pleased with this one.

I have a great bonus drawing this *fortnight*! I was listening to Billie Eilish while sewing up some masks with the last bits of fabric I found in my house. I knew that my friend Erin's daughter likes Billie Eilish and likes to draw, so I figured I'd branch out and try drawing someone other than Gillian. *gasp you mean there are people other than Gillian?!*

I finished this one up very quickly. Just a few hours. I LOVE IT. Not even mad at her hair.

Again, there are things I would fix like her eyebrow, eyes, some elements of her hair, but I still like it. It's progress.

Next fortnight's prompt is Black and white of Scully with background. I'm definitely straying from that. It will be Scully, but in color, and we'll see about the background. OMG WHICH SCULLY?!?! Y'all. There are 11 seasons and 2 movies, all with very distinctly different hairstyles and looks. Just choosing a picture to draw will probably be harder than actually drawing it.

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