52 Week Drawing Project: Weeks 31-32

This is the second drawing blog from quarantine, lock down, social distance, whatever you prefer to call it. You'd think I'd have it done on time! Ha! I tend to get overwhelmed at the beginning and end up procrastinating.

Our quarantine has been pretty chill, thankfully. We are both very lucky to still get paid during this time. We've been able to relax and do some house projects. We're planning to paint our exterior brick, but I accidentally bought interior paint. Like, a lot of it. After 8 days of back and forth, they finally approved a return today. PHEW. So, eventually, we'll get the correct paint and completely change the look of our house. I can't wait! I'll probably blog about it.

This week's drawing is pretty much the same as last week's: First GAWinser shoot with background. The outfit is almost exactly the same as well! Oops. For a list of all of the prompts, click here. I may end up switching up some of the prompts since we've been *hashtag blessed* with so much new content at the beginning of 2020. The year really started off with a bang and then deteriorated SO quickly.

I decided to start with the clothing again this week. It helps with the procrastination because I really like drawing clothes. After that, though, I procrastinated on starting her head.

I think the black clothing looks amazing. She's wearing the trousers, roll neck jumper, and swing coat. (I own this whole outfit-I wish I could use emojis on this site. Insert monkey covering his mouth).

Her face and hair took a while, but not as long as previous drawings. I'm learning to minimize a bit. I feel good about her hair this time. I learned to start with the big chunks and then fill in with smaller chunks and then details. Then I use an overlay brush to add the highlight.

The face felt a bit off, but I let it go and started on the background. Let me confess now, I HATE BACKGROUNDS. So much. I don't like straight lines. I don't like the 5 million details on the cement. I just poured my heart out into a Gillian and now I have to do the same for a door and a window and a sidewalk?! No thank you. Not at this time. I do like the way the lace curtains in the window look, but *that is all*.

I again sent my drawing over to Amy Jo, and she pointed out that the jaw line and shading around the mouth needed fixing, so I did that. Her skin coloring is more yellow and glowing than the original, but I honestly don't even know how to fix that. I still need to learn more about coloring.

I'm very pleased with the final drawing. Yeah, the background could be more precise, but I'm just not concerned about it.

The next prompt is a GAWinser look from the second collection. It's really going to be hard to choose just one!

The remainder of the prompts after that are different characters that Gillian has played in black and white and then in color. I think instead of black and white, I'm going to draw those characters in color and fill in the black and white weeks with some of Gillian's 2020 lewks. Yes, LEWKS because she slayed those red carpets.

And a BONUS! I did a couple of Flower Fashions this week from pictures that Crystal took in her yard. After drawing these, I happened upon a skirt on ebay that looks just like this one! It was complete coincidence and I'm keeping my eye on it. Wish me luck. :)

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