52 Week Drawing Project- Weeks 3-4

Black and white close-up of face at opposite angle. For the full project list, check out this post.

It has already been four whole weeks since I started this project! Time is flying.

I started off these two weeks just like the last- finished my main drawing in two days. Heh. It's what I do, folks. This time I'm much happier with the outcome. I'm more familiar with the brushes and tried the charcoal brushes this time instead of pencil brushes. As amazing as Procreate and the Apple Pencil are, I haven't found that the pencil brushes can fully recreate shading with a real pencil. It's all a bit *too* precise. I think the charcoal brushes gave more texture to this drawing. I also love the snapshot I took when it was partially finished (on the right).

I sketched out the face and had the proportions pretty darn close. I threw the inspiration pic behind it to check and just had to change the angle a bit.

Not too bad, eh? I definitely see that the nose is a bit small and the lips a bit big, but I like it. Big improvement over last weeks'!

I haven't had as much spare time to doodle. I picked up another side job teaching English with VIPkids (HUGE thanks to Louise for introducing me to this opportunity). The application process was kind of intense and I've been spending a lot of time getting things started. I taught my first two classes this morning and everything went well! I even included a little drawing of the VIPkids dinosaur mascot in my profile video. :)

In between all of that madness, I did find time for a few doodles. 90's Gillian, a still from the GAWinser promo video (the alpaca coat that is purrrrfection), and a fun shot for a photo shoot that I can't quickly dig up the origin. (*edited to add: Twitter for the save again. It's from a shoot for Esquire magazine. Thanks, Hollie!)

I have 16 classes scheduled for next week, but I WILL find time for drawing! Next up is a black and white close-up of her face straight on. Can't go wrong with that prompt. :)

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