52 Week Drawing Project: Weeks 27-28

Hello, friends! Hope everyone is remaining calm during the start of this unprecedented quarantine. It's pretty mind-blowing, right? I'm trying to look at it in a neutral light- neither good nor bad. My main job is in a school district, so I'm looking at quite a bit of free time and am already making myself a schedule so I can keep my production level high. The first item on my to-do list? This blog! [Update: I started this blog on Saturday and then got side-tracked and cleaned out an entire closet. So much for that schedule]

I've passed the half-way mark in this journey and am starting to feel confident that I'll be able to create a piece of art that I will truly be proud of at the end.

This week's prompt is Color of full body in a dress. (For full list of prompts, click here)

I also don't have any bonus drawings this week, but with the social distancing, maybe I'll have more time to draw!

I started off my drawing a little differently this week by coloring the dress first (after the sketch, of course). I typically start with the eyes and mouth.

I added the rest of the details on the dress then added color to her skin and hair. I tried to keep it simple and not super detailed. I played with an overlay brush for her hair highlights. I definitely need more practice with that! I found a website with some great procreate tutorials, so I will spend some time watching a lot of videos. Practice is great, but I also need to increase my knowledge of how this app works.

The beginning sketch was really just the outline of her body and that one piece of window. When I finished up most of her body, I went back and sketched the background. I put down a base color on everything and then went back for details, but still kept it simple. When I finished that part, I blurred that whole background layer so she would really stand out.

Even though it felt finished at that point, there were still some details that needed cleaning up. Her hair was a bit too Texas, so I erased some to reign it in. I made countless changes to her eyes, nose, and mouth. I completely re-drew her hair at one point. I plan to watch a ton of hair tutorials. Hair is hard. Hell, everything is hard.

I ended up adding a little glow around her because she DESERVES the spotlight. And the dreaded side-by-side...

I really don't hate it, but I still just have so much room for improvement. A vast amount of room.

In reviewing the prompts, I see that I was not required to draw a background this week. Look at me being an overachiever! Next week's prompt is Color of whole body (one of the first GAWinser collection photos). Such a tough decision but I'm excited because it'll be my first attempt at a very different hair look.

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