52 Week Drawing Project: Weeks 25-26

FOLX, we have officially reached the middle of this project! Time flies when you're having fun and are ridiculously busy.

As a special treat (and because I was sick and in bed for a while), I have a bonus side-drawing this week- the finished Jean and Jakob drawing! And y'all, I really do love it. A lot.

At the middle of this project, I am both very proud of my progress and also concerned that I haven't progressed enough. Isn't that always the case? Let's have a little look at the progress so far (for the full prompt list click here):

They all have their strengths and weaknesses. I'm definitely a tough critic and it can be hard for me to accept that I am not always great. Huge props to all of the people out there who are posting their real-ness in public. They inspire me to share my fails. They help me to accept not being perfect.

Now for this week's prompt: Color of upper half of body. At Debs' request, I attempted one of the pictures taken behind the scenes at the photoshoot for the BAFTAs. Gillian presented an award with Asa Butterfield (Otis in Sex Education). Back stage, there was a whole photoshoot and it is PURE GOLD.

I started this one like all the rest- with the drawing guide. The life saver. Even with the guide, her eyes just seemed off. I moved them around a bit to try to make it better. I'm not 100% satisfied with the placement, but I just went with it.

I don't have a lot of progress screen grabs (I just forgot to do it) so I'll post the time-lapse video of this drawing on Instagram. I didn't go into a ton of tiny detail in this drawing. I'm still trying to develop a style. I really like the look of the drawings that appear to be airbrushed. Or like a realistic sort of cartoonish feel where you know that it's a drawing, but it still looks like a real person rather than an exaggerated version. I hope that makes sense.

Has a bit of a Sarah Paulson vibe, eh? Not even mad about that. I need to practice drawing other people anyway. :)

And here's the side-by-side. Not at all perfect, but I'm still pleased with it. I'm feel like I'm getting better with color.

These side-by-sides ruin me. I like the drawings until I see them like this. It's painful.

I finally had time to finish up the Jean and Jakob drawing that I teased a while back. These are Gillian's and Mikael Persbrandt's characters from Sex Education (again, it's on Netflix and is amazing in every way and you all must watch it).

I spent a lot of time on the beginning sketch to make sure the features all looked proportioned and correctly placed before getting into the color. I did end up making minor changes to Jean's features as I was coloring.

Now that I've been paying more attention to people's skin tones, it was much easier to choose skin color palettes for both of them, who have obviously different tones. Jakob also appears to have a sun burn, so he needed some extra pinks. Each character had a palette for skin, hair, eyes, mouths, and clothes. I started with Jean's eyes and mouth.

After Jean's eyes and lips, I switched over to Jakob's eyes and lips. When I hid the sketch layer, his features looked like a snapchat filter. Hilarious! Next up was skin.

You can see how Jean and Jakob have different skin tones. Jean is more true neutral and Jakob has a pinker tone, plus the sun burn. The hair came in after the skin and then I worked on the clothes. Clothes are so much easier than people and didn't take long at all.

Aaaaaand the side-by-side. Or the top-to-bottom. Whatev.

This is definitely in my top two favorite drawings so far. Their emotions are coming through quite nicely.

Next up on the prompt list is Color of full body in a dress. There are MILLIONS to choose from. Wish me luck.

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