52 Week Drawing Project: Weeks 23-24

Hello, world!

This week I have just the one main drawing again; no surprise there. I have not made any progress on the Jean and Jakob drawing, but I did finish the next shirt design.

This week's drawing prompt is Color of face and shoulders (for the full prompt list, click here). I cheated a tiny bit because her shoulders in this case are just a black shirt that I didn't go into any detail on.

I will again say that the drawing guide has helped tremendously with getting her features placed correctly from the get-go. I always still end up having to tweak things, but at least I get a pretty strong start. I was really impressed with the beginning sketch for this one. I added a layer just for the colors I planned to use because it's easier to grab the colors from the drawing area than from the color palette. I also used the little knowledge I gained about skin tones to create a palette. Of course, most of this knowledge went out the window because the reference picture has a lovely yellow glow to it. That made coloring much more difficult. I like pain. *eye roll*

I started with her eyes and mouth on a separate layer in case I needed to resize later. Y'all know my history with eye size. lol

Next was skin color. It started out okay. I was pretty happy with the progress at this point.

Her hair was a LOT. For some reason, I loved the hair I drew in weeks 5 or 7, and ever since I just can't seem to get it together. Especially with color now, it's just not clicking in my brain. I'll get there eventually.

I ended up doing her skin color twice. The first round didn't have enough contrast and didn't have the orange glow that I wanted.

I didn't hate this drawing, but it was still not right. I was so done at this point, though. Then Amy Jo suggested going back to the reference pic and really looking closely at the shape of the nose and mouth. I was able to tweak the nose with some more shading, but I ended up completely erasing the mouth and starting over. I'm so glad I took her advice because those changes really made all the difference.

So I'm not mad at this drawing at all. I was pretty disgusted at one point, (and cried about it because hormones) but I'm glad I kept going. I see improvement and will look up some tutorials on drawing hair.

And now, my least favorite part, the side-by-side with the reference picture.

Next week's prompt is Color of upper half of body and I already have a strong suggestion from Debs. It's a doozy, so wish me luck.

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