52 Week Drawing Project- Weeks 19-20

I will start by apologizing for this quick and dirty blog this week. Not only did I get a bit behind in my drawing, I've also been super busy the past two weeks. I had Cleavage and Ambition shirts to print, then we went to Los Angeles for the weekend to watch Sex Education 2 with the Phile Tribe (I'll post some pics!), then I had to tie dye and print Mardi Gras shirts. Always a million things going on who am I kidding. This project got pushed to the back burner.

This week, the prompt was Color Close Up of Face at an Angle. *color* I was not quite prepared for how difficult it would be to add color. I have sooooo much to learn still. I know I will get better with practice, but it's so hard for me to get through the learning curve. I also still really want to try to do something other than photorealism.

I started drawing on the plane to LA. I was struggling so hard with the proportions of the face. My fab mentor Amy Jo said that when she first started out, she used a grid as a drawing guide. My brain immediately went to printed pictures and rulers... BUT with all this amazing technology, all I had to do was turn on the drawing guide in procreate on my iPad and upload my picture into procreate lite on my phone and turn on the drawing guide. BOOM.

Now, that didn't seem to help all that much because her right eye looks huge to me. Whatever. I have to get over this. I don't hate this one as much anymore, especially after trying to draw Jean.

AWFUL. I don't like anything about this and I debated even posting it. Her face is smushed and her hands are huge. This was really just a quick sketch to get some more practice in, but still. Hate.

Anyway........ here are some fun pics from our quick trip to Los Angeles. We had a fabulous time! Shout out to Alyse for hosting, Kasey for making some great naughty cookies, Annie for bringing In n Out, and the Mendenhalls for driving up from San Diego to have lunch and walk Hollywood Blvd. with us. I finally got to see Gillian's star!!!

Next week's prompt (which technically ends this week *panic*) is color close up of face with silly expression (IG can I be a dog again?). I did try to quickly sketch this out a while back and never posted it. I'll draw a proper one this week with the handy drawing guide on. I'm also, somehow in my spare? time, working on a Jean and Jakob drawing using the guide. So far I'm very pleased with the sketch. We'll see how I feel about it after coloring.

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