52 Week Drawing Project: Weeks 17-18

This week nearly brought me down. I was already a bit behind on drawing and then this particular drawing required a lot of detail and a lot of time. I'm technically at the end of week 19 right now, so that means I have one week to do the next drawing to stay on target. I SWEAR I'm going to make the next drawing less detailed. lol. I'm going to try.

This week's prompt was Black and White of Whole Body (the PETA ad). [For the background and full list of prompts, click here]

Now, I have to warn you, this is a racy ad. The ad itself has words over it- "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur." There's a lot I could say here, but I'm going to try to keep things appropriate. ;)

I started with a red sketch and then jumped in with the details of her face. I was not satisfied with the proportions and played around with resizing it. I should have started over, but I was too concerned about time, so I just went with it, knowing that it would haunt me forever. Maybe I'm being dramatic.

I should have stopped there, right? But, I kept on going. Like I mentioned before, the face and mouth proportions were weird so I messed with them a bit to make it look better. I wasn't happy with it, but started on the hair. The Hair. All. Of. The. Curly. Hair. It was brutal, y'all. It took me a while to feel like it was looking decent. I just couldn't get the super messy curl effect at first. There were many times I wanted to give up.

Then it was time to sketch out a body that looked proportionate to the newly distorted face. It was very overwhelming starting on the body. I had already felt like I spent a lifetime on the face and hair, and here I had to draw a whole body, two hands, and shade all of it. It was so much. I ended up making her whole body bigger, too. After the first hand was done (and I hated it, but I just had to move on), I was ready to finish. It still took SOMUCHTIME to finish the right arm and hand AND THEN the legs AND THEN the abs AND THEN the other arm AND THEN the chest AND THEN the details. [Dude, where's my car? ahhhahahaha]

The tiny details were my favorite. The tattoos and sun spots and freckles and scars and subtle stretch marks. Good times.

Now for the side-by-side. This part makes me want to GAG. [I am being quite dramatic today with the caps and brackets]

Anyway, you all have to suffer through this part with me.


On to the next prompt: Color Close Up of Face at an Angle. Color. I am accepting all good vibes. Thanks in advance.

OMG I just noticed that Wix added a gif option. Niiiiiice

David Rose ALWAYS coming through with the facial expressions.


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