52 Week Drawing Project- Weeks 15-16

Another very late post! Is anyone surprised? You shouldn't be.

This week's prompt was Black and White Full Body in a Dress. For the original post about the project, click here.

The picture used for this prompt is technically a color pic that I turned black and white. The picture is from a series in Fault magazine shot by Squiz Hamilton. The whole shoot is unbelievably sexy. Here's the original:

I drew this one while we spent the week of Christmas at a campground. Exactly one week *after* this was supposed to be finished. I started out with the red sketch and ended up having to resize the canvas several times to make everything fit. I also resized her head a few times. I end up having to screenshot the image and send it to my phone to look at it. For some reason that makes it easier to see the flaws.

I started with her face and eyes, as usual. I had to draw a white line to outline her face because I make the canvas/background a gray color. That was a tip I picked up from that Max Deutsch article that started this whole project. You can see in the third picture how her head is a bit too big for her body. I ended up resizing it. This is the great thing about digital drawing!

I love that first picture. Unfinished faces are my favorite.

The next part was adding the hair detail. I use dark colors first, then add in some medium tones, then highlights. I also zoom in really closely and add the wisps.

Next up was that *shoulder* *heart eyes* and then the dress, arms, hands, legs, and shoes. The arms were a bit of a struggle. I ended up erasing quite a bit and starting over. When zoomed in, the hands are awful, but zoomed out they aren't as bad. The dress was mostly just black with some lighter details added. The shoes were fairly simple. I like inanimate objects. lol. I zoomed in super close to get the details in. I love them.

Soooo here's the final product! I really love it. This is my favorite drawing so far. Her face and hair are great. Hands aren't my favorite, but everything else makes up for it.

And side by side with the original. I, of course, notice all of the differences and flaws, but I am still very satisfied with the outcome.

Next week's prompt is Black and White of Whole Body (PETA ad).

FAIR WARNING the PETA ad is for the No Fur campaign and is a nude with strategically placed hands. I'm particularly excited for the hair. lol, no really!

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