52 Week Drawing Project- Weeks 13-14

Well, similar to last week, I thought I would have more time to draw. We went camping for a few days over Thanksgiving break and I thought I would have time for sooooo many drawings. Ha. I did one.

Last week I was printing towels everyday. This coming week, I'll be printing shirts everyday. Maybe I'll have time to draw next Sunday. lol

(For the project overview, click here)

This week's prompt was Black and White of Face and Upper Half of Body. There were at least 4 amazing photos that I wanted to draw for this. I picked an oldie but goodie. I'm not sure where this picture is from, but it's been a favorite for a long time.

The campground was definitely a great backdrop for drawing. Again, I sketched out the outline without using the original. Getting better! I was also able to recognize when things were getting out of proportion and corrected them.

I started with the face- the best part! lol I could have stopped here. I just love the face with nothing else. It lets your brain fill in the rest.

This website will be the death of me. Again, the picture collages aren't working properly. I can't adjust the settings. Bear with me.

The original picture is not super high quality, so when I zoomed in to see the details, it was blurry. I used the airbrush brush again for this drawing. It seems to be the easiest brush to control and delivers clean finishes.

After getting most of the face and hair detail, I quickly filled in the dress. It's just black, so it was pretty simple. The next step was arms and hands. I decided to start with dark arms and then use the eraser to make the highlighted parts. I sent my progress to Amy Jo, and she imparted her great wisdom: the hands should be the size of the face. I was able to isolate the hands in procreate and enlarge them a bit.

Aaaannnddd the final product. Not bad. I'm pretty pleased with it. Definitely still tons of room for improvement. I'm still enjoying the process and that's what really matters.

Next week's prompt is Black and White of Whole Body in a Dress. OMG the possibilities!

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